The Best of “True Beauty”

“True Beauty” is a type of light K-drama that you don’t have to take seriously. It’s full of youth, and it’s a perfect gateway series for those who want to enter the complex content library of Korean dramas. We all have that moment when all we need is a teen romantic comedy with minimal drama and full of fluff. With that said, let us look back into the world of Im Ju-kyung and see the best of True Beauty.

  • Hee-kyung being the best unnie in dramaland
  • Ju-young’s unrequited love for Go-woon
  • Everything about Han Seo-jun
  • Su-ho’s “Ottoke” song
  • When both Su-ho and Seo-jun are forced to take care of each other at the hospital
  • Im Ju-kyung dancing to “Maria”

Bonus: Who knew making mandu could be this hot? LOL

What’s your favorite True Beauty moment? Share with us in the comments!

[Full credits go to Tumblr, Youtube, and VIU PH for the clips]

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