JTBC confirms premiere date of Jung So-min and Kim Ji-suk’s new drama

Jung So-min (Fix You) and Kim Ji-suk’s (My Unfamiliar Family) upcoming drama “Monthly House” (literal translation) will air this June as announced by cable channel JTBC.

Monthly House will be led by Jung So-min, who plays the role of Na Young-won, an editor of “Monthly House,” a lifestyle magazine about house rentals. Despite working for 10 years now, she still struggles with paying her monthly dues. She considers her rental house as her sanctuary and makes sure to always take best care of it. Her views on investments change after meeting the new landlord who becomes her most hated enemy.

Kim Ji-suk takes on the male lead role of Monthly House CEO Yoo Ja-sung, a rags-to-riches investment expert who sees real estate properties as assets for wealth. He grew up in a poor family, studying during the day and working part-time at night. He sneaked into construction sites during weekends to study the market. He eventually gets involved with Na Young-won after buying her house.

Jung Gun-joo (Oh My Baby), Kim Won-hae (Run On), and Chae Jung-ahn (Legal High) will also be part of the upcoming drama.

Monthly House will be directed by Lee Chang-mn (Laughter in Waikiki) while the script will be written by Myung Soo-hyun (A Poem A Day).

The drama is set to take over JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by Law School.

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