Fab Four: Awesome K-Drama Foursomes

Since April is our birthday month, we thought of making another list of K-drama squad goals consisting of four members. Find out if your faves made it on the list!

It‘s Okay, It’s Love housemates

An odd combination of patients and doctors living under one roof!

A.N.JELL band (You’re Beautiful)

A novice nun disguises herself as his twin brother to keep his place in an idol band, and the three other bandmates fall in love with her!

F4 (Boys Over Flowers)

Four filthy rich flower boys who study in a prestigious school. Even their kindergarten counterparts were cutesies!

Misaeng rookies

Four new hires of a large cargo trading company who share their own respective struggles in the corporate ladder.

Jalgeum Quartet (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Extremely good-looking Sungkyunkwan scholars who unveiled the political conspiracy in the Joseon era.

“Angels” idol group (One More Happy Ending)

Former members of the first gen idol group “Angels” who found their second chances in life.

The Best Hit squad

A 90s idol meets aspiring idol trainees in a lighthearted drama about life and friendship!

The Crazy Fantastic Four (Fight For My Way)

Best friends whose passion and dreams fuel them to move forward in the real world.

Credit: Amino Apps

Counters (The Uncanny Counter)

Four individuals from different backgrounds who sell noodles for a living and catch demons during their free time.

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