Twitter Game – Answer Key

There’s only one reason, you’re here. You saw our #4YearsWithAhjummamshies Twitter Quiz and is wondering what the answers are. So here it is, the correct answer for our anniversary special game on Twitter. 😉

K-drama Quiz 1: Guess that K-Drama Emoji Game

K-drama Quiz 2: Guess that OST

  1. Loveable – Sinb – A Love So Beautiful
  2. Confession Is Not Flashy – Kyuhyun – Hospital Playlist
  3. Your Shampoo Scent In The Flowers – Jang Beom-jun – Be Melodramatic
  4. Maybe – Lee Ha-ri – Her Private Life
  5. Future – Red Velvet – Start-Up
  6. Perhaps Love – HowL ft. J – Princess Hours
  7. Someday – IU – Dream High
  8. When I Saw You – Bumkey – Hwayugi
  9. Best Luck – Chen – It’s Okay That’s Love
  10. Sweet Night – BTS V – Itaewon Class

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