Double Date: K-Dramas with Second Couples

Who needs a frustrating love triangle when you can have a main couple and second couple instead? Okay, okay, we admit, we have a love-hate relationship with love triangles too. But most of the time, it’s just more fun to watch well-written characters fall in love with the right person instead of insisting on their feelings with someone who can’t reciprocate them.

As part of our #4YearsWithAhjummamshies celebration, we imagined double date scenarios of our fave double couples in K-dramas!

Ki Sun-gyeom x Oh Mi-joo / Lee Young-hwa and Seo Dan-ah (Run-On)

The most recent dual coupling in K-dramaverse is JTBC’s slice-of-life drama Run On. Aside from their respective romantic scenes, the bonds between Mi-joo and Dan-ah and Sun-gyeom and Young-hwa are fun to watch too. Also, we love to see more samgyupsal rooftop dates like this:

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Out-of-town road trip. We can totally imagine Mi-joo and Young-hwa enjoying the ocean view during their coastal rides while Dan-ah drives and Sun-gyeom watches Mi-joo enjoying the view.

Kim Shin x Ji Eun-tak / Grim Reapear x Sunny (Goblin)

We can’t talk about second couples without mentioning the well-loved tandem of Grim Reaper and Sunny. It was so well supported that Lee Dong-wook and Yoon In-na even got their own drama (this time with a happy ending!!!) with Touch Your Heart. This secondary couple complemented Goblin’s main couple Kim Shin and Eun-tak especially because they also have their own friendship with these two. Imagine them in a double date and we’ll have realistic sibling fights like this from Kim Sun and Kim Shin with Eun-tak and Wang Yeo as confused audience:

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Movie date where Eun-tak and Sunny explain who’s the trending actors to Kim Shin and Grim Reaper (oh, these innocent supernatural beings). 

Seo Deo-jae x Han Se-gye / Ryu Eun-ho x Kang Sa-ra (The Beauty Inside)

What we love with K-dramas with multiple couples is that we got to see not just one but at least two romantic stories happen in one series. While the main couple Seo Deo-jae and Han Se-gye resolve their own individual conflicts, we are also gifted with another type of love story between Se-gye’s close friend Eun-ho and Deo-jae’s half-sister Sa-ra. They had their own storyline and who can forget this painful scene? 

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Premiere night date on a Han Se-gye movie with Deo-jae as her date and Ryu Eun-ho and Kang Sa-ra as her guests.

Choi Joon-gi x Jang Yoon-ha / Yoo Chang-soo x Lee Ji-yi (High Society)

If you’re into chaebols falling in love, then High Society is that drama for you. Choi Joon-gi and Jang Yoon-ha’s story is about a chaebol and chaebol-pretending-to-be-poor couple while Yoo Chang-soo and Lee Ji-yi have a rich-girl-poor-girl kind of love story. 

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Yacht date somewhere in the pacific and away from their scheming family (side-eyeing them because these two couples are great together!)

Jang Jae-yeol x Ji Hae-soo / Park Soo-gwang x Oh Seo-nyeo (It’s Okay That’s Love)

If the main couple’s love story becomes too dramatic, we often turn to the secondary couple to give the good romantic vibes we always love to have. That’s what Park Soo-gwang and Oh Seo-nyeo gave us – a relatively lighthearted story when Jae-yeol and Hae-soo’s story is bombarded with conflicts after conflicts.

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Stay-at-home dinner with Jo Dong-min and Lee Young-hin as their fifth and sixth wheels.

Lee Gon x Jeong Tae-eul / Jo Eun-sup and Myung Na-ri (The King: Eternal Monarch)

The love stories in The King Eternal Monarch are twice the fun just like the other series listed here especially because the seemingly polar opposite couple Jo Eun-sup and Myung Na-ri joins the royal couple Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-eul. Also, Eun-sup’s way of saying Na-ri’s name is too cute not to be included in this list.

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Late night bubble tea date in the present timeline. Jo Young and Myung Seung-ah can join too!

Seo Woo-jin x Cha Eun-jae / Park Eun-tak x Yoon Ah-reum (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2)

Speaking of cute secondary couple escapes, Park Eun-tak and Yoon Ah-reum gave us heart-fluttering moments that are as romantic as the main couple Seo Woo-jin and Cha Eun-jae. We’ve been wishing for nurse Park Eun-tak’s love life to bloom since season 1 and it finally happened on season 2. Also, if this dance cover isn’t cute to you, then I don’t know what is.

Imagined Double Date Scenario: A dinner date in a casual restaurant, not on a Friday night of course, and it will be just near Doldam Hospital for good measure.

Joo Joong-won x Tae Kong-sil / Kang Woo x Tae Yi-rung (Master’s Sun)

Master’s Sun is one of our squad’s common favorites and we all equally love the couples here. We love the banter between snobbish chaebol Joo Joong-won and ghost-seeing heroine Tae Kong-sil but Kang Woo and Tae Yi-rung (aka Little Sun and Kang Candy) are also a delight to watch. They gave us The Bodyguard feels!

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Brunch date at the Kingdom mall! 

Won Deuk x Hong Shim / Moon Yeon x Kim So-hye (100 Days My Prince)

Unlike the other dramas in this list, these couples experienced a lot of hardships and one didn’t even have a happy ending. Won Deuk and Hong Shim are fated lovers meant to be together no matter what while Moon Yeon and Kim So-hye are an ill-fated couple who deserve to be happy too but fate won’t allow them in this lifetime.

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Lantern festival date! But we love it if we’ll going to see their reincarnations living happily ever after. 

Do Min-ik x Jung Gal-hee / Ki Dae-joo x Veronica Park (The Secret Life of My Secretary)

Do Min-ik and Jung Gal-hee’s story is cute and heart-warming and has everything good in a K-drama rom-com. But @grumpyahjumma‘s personal favorite character Veronica Park and her own man, Ki Dae-joo adds more color to the series!

Imagined Double Date Scenario: Weekend glamping date on a beautiful campsite with a nice camper van ala House on Wheels so that Veronica Park can still look as fab but not out of place.  

We’ll be waiting for your favorite second couple too! Comment it down below or send us a tweet 💖

Imaged Credit: High Society, IOTL

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