In Spotlight: Jeon Yeo-been Filmography

With her recent hit Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo-been has been making waves in the international scene. Born in 1989, she is a graduate of Broadcast Entertainment at Dongduk Women’s University. Her humble beginnings in her acting journey is famous among fans as she was personally contacted by actress-director Moon So-ri to appear in her movie The Best Director. Prior to this, she only appeared in minor roles with no lines in movies.

In 2017, she was named as a “monster rookie” or “freaky newcomer” by Korean media because of her award-winning performance in the movie After My Death. Aside from the awards from independent film festivals, the movie also scored her Best Actress recognitions from the 2020 Grand Bell Awards, 19th Busan Film Critics Awards, 7th Korea Best Star Award, and 28th Buil Film Awards among others.

She has already proved her acting prowess at such a young age which makes Jeon Yeo-been the perfect K-celebrity feature for this edition of In Spotlight!

The Treacherous (2015) – woman having queen’s fate by physiognomy

She debuted in the period drama film The Treacherous where she had a supporting role as a woman whose physiognomy showed a queen’s fate.

The Age of Shadows (2016) – gisaeng 4

She had a quick appearance as a gisaeng in the espionage film The Age of Shadows.

Beaten Black and Blue (2016) – Tiffany

Her minor roles continue in 2016 via the black comedy flick Beaten Black and Blue.

The Running Actress (2017) (Act 3) – Lee Seo-young

She was scouted by actress Moon So-ri to be part of her directorial project in Chung-Ang University Graduate School, The Best Director (The Running Actress Act 3).

Write or Dance (2017) – Yeo-been

She had a major role in the indie movie Write or Dance in 2017.

Merry Christmas Mr. Mo (2017) – Ja-young

Jeon Yeo-been was cast as a sweet yet lonely bank teller in the drama comedy movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Mo.

After My Death (2017) – Young-hee

Her role for the film After My Death as a young woman who was falsely accused for the missing case of her close friend gave her the Actress of the Year Award at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival and the Independent Star Award at the 2017 Seoul Independent Film Festival.

Save Me (OCN / 2017) – Hong So-rin

Her small screen debut was through the OCN drama Save Me as Hong So-rin, an undercover journalist in Guweonson.

Live (tvN / 2018) – Young-jae

She made a cameo in the Noh Hee-kyung drama Live as Jung Yu-mi’s friend in Episode 1.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) – cosmetics model

Her face also appeared as a cosmetics brand model in the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade.

Forbidden Dream (2019) – Sa-im

She was part of the historical biopic Forbidden Dream which was about the friendship of King Sejong and his most trusted scientist Jang Yeong-sil. The movie also made its international debut at the 2020 New York Asian Film Festival.

Be Melodramatic (JTBC / 2019) – Lee Eun-jung

In 2019, she became one of the main leads of the JTBC drama Be Melodramatic as the successful documentary director Lee Eun-jung, who grieved the loss of her loved one.

Secret Zoo (2020) – Kim Hae-kyung

She became part of the film adaptation of the webtoon Secret Zoo in 2020.

Night in Paradise (2020) – Jae-yeon

Her latest film Night in Paradise premiered in South Korea in 2020 where she was cast as the cynical and terminally ill female lead, Jae-yeon. The movie aired on Netflix this 2021.

Vincenzo (tvN / 2021) – Hong Cha-young

2021 is her breakout year as she bagged the female lead role for the international hit series Vincenzo opposite Song Joong-ki. Her role as the feisty ace of Jipuragi Law Firm Hong Cha-young earned her a massive international fanbase.

Glitch (Netflix / 2021) – Hong Ji-hyo (TBA)

She will return to the online streaming platform the drama Glitch as Hong Ji-hyo, a woman who tracks down her missing boyfriend with the help of members from a UFO club. The drama has yet to announce a release date.

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