Na In-woo cast in drama “The Jinx’s Lover”

Na In-woo (River Where The Moon Rises) has been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama adaptation of “The Jinx’s Lover” (literal title).

The fantasy drama is based on the webtoon “Jinxui Yeonin” written by Han Ji-hye, which is about a poor, unlucky man who meets the goddess of luck being hidden by a chaebol family.

Na In-woo is cast for the role of Gong Soo-gwang, a fish vendor working in the Seodong market. He is known for being unlucky ever since he met a girl named Lee Seul-bi seven years ago. Whenever he dreams of her, bad luck always approaches him. He is bound to meet her again in the present after Lee Seul-bi escapes her captive, a CEO who uses her ability for foresee the future.

The Jinx’s Lover is a reunion project of Na In-woo and director Yun Sang-ho, following their KBS2 drama River Where The Moon Rises. The script will be written by Jang Yoon-mi (Cheer Up, Mr. Lee, Luck-Key, Scarlet Innocence).

Filming will begin in the second half of this year while casting is ongoing for the female lead role described as a character like Disney’s Rapunzel.

The drama’s air date and broadcasting station/platform have yet to be announced as of writing.

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