The Real Deal: Softhearted K-drama Male Leads

It is sometimes difficult to meet new people these days that can be a good distraction to the humdrum of our daily lives. At least though we have K-dramas. Through fictional worlds, one can meet different types of characters with different colors and flavors that can definitely satisfy whatever kinds of feelings we are craving to feel that day.

And if one craves romance on a particular day, then K-dramas can offer you an array of different romantic characters. K-drama male leads, in particular, can make you swoon through their sweet moments with their equally charming female leads.

Mostly are alpha male characters who can run the world simply by existing. There’s also the tsundere-type male leads whose expressionless face and cold stares can make you shiver in fear but once they show off their hidden side smile, they’ll definitely sweep you off your feet.

But amidst all these eccentric yet charismatic male characters, there are some that aren’t showy but will still definitely stood out in a crowded room. These are the type of fictional male characters that one would definitely wish are real so that they can bring them home to meet their parents. 

These K-drama male leads are often labeled as ‘softhearted’ because they say they are sentimental and are relatively weaker compared to what we usually get as a main male character. But I disagree with the notion that they are ‘weak’ because they are not. They’re just breaking the stereotype that men shouldn’t feel and show any ~emotions~.

And so, I named some K-drama male leads worthy of investing our precious emotions and are definitely The Real Deals.

Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul) – When the Camellia Blooms

First on the list is Ongsan’s resident hero, Hwang Yong-sik. He’s a country bumpkin whose sole purpose is to keep the peace in his small town. And he brings that same energy when he falls in love. He’s the type of character that would fight for you but will still respect your decision no matter what. 

His real deal factor: he isn’t afraid to express what he feels in the moment. He can shout to the whole town that he misses you badly or that he has fallen deeply in love with you. And he can do it without getting embarrassed.  

Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) – Start-Up

If we’re talking about softhearted characters, Nam Do-san should be included. This knitting-loving tech genius takes pleasure in doing intricate tasks, which speaks a lot about his patience. He might be awkward and clueless at times, especially with love and relationship, but he’s quick to learn things and correct his mistakes.

His real deal factor: he is not afraid to let his woman take the lead but will still step up when she needs support and anchor.

Lim Eun-seob (Seo Kang-joon) – When The Weather Is Fine

This bookshop owner from Bookhyun Village can easily recite love poems and odes to nature with his eyes closed. But you don’t want that because Lim Eun-seob’s hazel eyes are worth looking at while sipping coffee – that he brewed for you – with an unread book on your hand.

His real deal factor: his love for peace and quiet. Eun-seob can offer you solace if you’re already sick of the busy fast-paced life in the city.

Gong Woo-jin (Yang Se-jong) – Still 17

Gong Woo-jin can come across as a grumpy hobo at first but he’s no grizzly bear. His emotions are always transparent. He’ll laugh when you’re happy and cry with you when you’re in pain. And most importantly, he likes simple things such as watching sunrise or sunsets with you through the attic window. 

His real deal factor: his gentleness. He will be there for you when you cry no matter what the reason is – be it because of onions or your traumatic past. 

Ki Seon-gyeom (Im Siwan) – Run On

Before meeting the love of his life, Ki Seon-gyeom has lived a sheltered life but that didn’t make him an insensitive jerk. Instead, he uses his privilege to do good and is always compassionate to those around him. And although he always says things with a straight face, he can turn on his charm when he needs his lady to stop working and notice him. 

His real deal factor: his honesty. As @grumpyahjumma puts it, he says what you need to hear and doesn’t hesitate to tell you as it is.

Choi Taek (Park Bo-gum) – Reply 1988

This timid baduk genius has won over the heart of Ssangmundong’s loud Olympic muse with his impeccable timing and sincere confession. The squad’s silent maknae can listen to you vent all day about school assignments or not getting the drumstick during family dinner. 

His real deal factor: his introspectiveness. He can say the right words at the right moment because he’s always sure about who he is and his feelings. 

Louis / Kang Ji-sung (Seo In-guk) – Shopaholic Louis

Louis may look like an oddball among other male leads here in this list but he definitely deserves this spot. He will whine to you about not getting premium luxury items or nag you to cook ramyeon for him from time to time but he’s the type of man who will stay by your side no matter where you’ll go.

His real deal factor: he knows what you need. Be it an online household item or a warm hug after a long tiring day.

Park Morgan (Jang Ki-yong) – Search: WWW

The fact that he can create beautiful melodies alone can make anyone swoon but Park Morgan has a lot of hidden talents that can make even the toughest woman out there fall in love with him. He’s also adaptive to the situation, he can give you a whirlwind kind of romance but he can also do a slow-burn romance if that’s what you like. 

His real deal factor: his perceptiveness. He knows you and gives what you need as if he can read your mind.

Yi Rim (Cha Eun-woo) – Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

This prince knows how to transform words into best-selling romance novels. But what’s more romantic about Yi Rim is that he can bicker with you about mundane things all day but he will lay down petals of roses on the floor while waiting for you to come home at night.

His real deal factor: he is always supportive. Yi Rim will let you live your life the way you wanted to. No questions asked. 

Seo Gong-myung (Park Sung-hoon) – Into the Ring

Unlike the unrealistically created male characters, Seo Gong-myung is like an ordinary person you can actually meet in real life. He can be deadpan at times but you’ll discover that he’s just the silent type – the one who works without saying a word; surprising you in the end that he already did what you wanted.

His real deal factor: his simplicity. He can find contentment in whatever life situations he’d be. 

credit: tumblr

Everyone has a type. And these male leads are my cup of tea. They differ in some ways but all of them have one common real deal factor: they’ll love their woman for who they are in the present moment without in-spite-ofs or despite-ofs.

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