Lee Yo-won, Chu Ja-hyun confirmed for “Green Mothers Club”

Lee Yo-won (The Running Mates: Human Rights) and Chu Ja-hyun (My Unfamiliar Family) are both confirmed to lead the upcoming slice-of-life drama “Green Mothers Club” (literal translation).

“Green Mothers Club” will revolve around the strong bond of five mothers who met through their children’s elementary school community despite having different backgrounds.

Lee Yo-won is cast as Eun-pyo, a proud and accomplished woman who raises her first born by learning to adapt to the school’s different events.

Chu Ja-hyun will play Chun-hee, a strict and demanding mom who is considered an A-lister in motherhood.

The drama will be directed by Ra Ha-na while the script will be written by Shin Yi-won. It’s still in early planning stage and will be produced by JTBC Studio.

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