In Spotlight: Jung Kyung-ho Filmography

Known for being incredibly kind-hearted in real life, Jung Kyung-ho has an image of having a good working relationship with his directors, writers, and peers in the industry. He is the son of veteran TV director Jung Eul-young. He is vocal in older interviews about defying his father’s objection to become an actor himself and pursuing this career after being convinced by his college sunbae and roommate Ha Jung-woo to enter the actor’s audition in KBS. After passing the KBS audition, he was signed by SidusHQ and soon made his acting debut in “5 Stars” – a mobile drama produced by SidusHQ and broadcast over SK Telecom. The drama also starred Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin!

Aside from his acting career, Jung Kyung-ho is also widely known as a big baseball fan and has been spotted watching the games numerous times. His biggest break was the 2004 hit KBS melodrama I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Ahjummamshies, since June is for Junwan (his character name in the hit tvN drama Hospital Playlist), here’s our featured K-star of the month, Jung Kyung-ho!

Sweet 18 (KBS / 2004)

He used to be a bit player in the romantic comedy Sweet 18. His role was Han Ji-hye’s blind date.

You Will Know (KBS2 / 2004) – Ha Ki-ho

He appeared as an extra in the youth series You Will Know starring his then fellow newbies Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Soo-kyung, Oh Yoon-ah, and Shin Dong-wook.

I’m Sorry, I Love You (KBS2 / 2004) – Choi Yoon

Portraying the unforgettable pop star Choi Yoon, he displayed a strong second lead game alongside Im Soo-jung and a memorable bromance with So Ji-sub in the Hallyu classic I’m Sorry, I Love You.

My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS1 / 2005) – Yoo In-chul

He played as Lee Bo-young’s younger brother in the daily drama My Sweetheart My Darling.

All For Love (2005) – Yu Jung-hun

He debuted in the big screen through the commercial hit All For Love. He yet again played the role of famous pop singer who became ill and fell in love with a young nun.

When Romance Meets Destiny (2005) – Kim Il-woong

He had a supporting role in the movie When Romance Meets Destiny about two brothers and their different approaches to love.

Gangster High (2006) – Lee Sang-ho

He led the 2006 teen violence film Gangster High as a troubled high schooler Sang-ho who engaged in a gang warfare.

Herb (2007) – Jong-bum

He was as a traffic officer who captured the heart of a mentally-challenged woman in the 2007 heartwarming movie Herb.

Time Between Dog And Wolf (MBC / 2007) – Kang Min-ki

He and Lee Joon-gi became NIS Agents in the 2007 action romance Time Between Dog and Wolf.

For Eternal Hearts (2007)

One of his early projects was the fantasy indie film For Eternal Hearts where he worked with veteran actor Jeong Jin-yeong.

Sunny (2008) – Yong-deuk

He played the role of an army band’s bassist in the 2008 movie Sunny. The film also stars Soo-ae, Jung Jin-young, Joo Ji-mo, and Shin Hyeon-tak.

Running Turtle (2009) – Song Ki-tae

His 2009 action movie with Kim Yoon-seok, Running Turtle topped the box office on its opening weekend.

Princess Ja-myung (SBS / 2009) – Ho-dong

His first period drama was Ja Myung Go in 2009 where he played as the Goguryeo prince who captured the hearts of two half-sisters-princesses, Jung Ryeo-won and Park Min-young.

Smile, You (SBS / 2009) – Kang Hyeon-su

He popularized the beta male lead character in the weekend family drama Smile, You in 2009.

Road No. 1 (MBC / 2010) – man who picks up garbage to sell (special appearance)

He supported his I’m Sorry, I Love You co-star So Ji-sub by appearing in MBC’s epic war drama Road No. 1.

Fasten Your Seatbelt | Roller Coaster (2013) – Ma Joon-gyu

His successful comeback project post-military was through the movie Fasten Your Seatbelt / Rollercoaster wherein he starred as an arrogant and paranoid Hallyu star. The film gave him the Best New Actor award in the 2014 Golden Cinema Festival.

Heartless City (JTBC / 2013) – Jung Shi-hyun

In 2013, he top-billed JTBC’s action-romance Heartless City alongside Nam Gyu-ri and Lee Jae-yoon.

Endless Love (SBS / 2014) – Han Gwang-cheol

Back in 2014, he starred together with Hwang Jung-eum and Ryu Soo-young in the melodrama entitled Endless Love.

Manhole (2014) – Soo-chul

In 2014, he starred in the film Manhole as a serial killer who uses the city sewers down a manhole as his secret hideout and traps his victims.

Falling for Innocence / Beating Again (JTBC / 2015) – Kang Min-ho

In 2015, he worked with Kim So-yeon and Yoon Hyun-min in the JTBC rom-com series Falling for Innocence.

Because It’s The First Time (OnStyle / 2015) – Policeman (ep.4)

He also made a cameo alongside Yoon Hyun-min as police officers in youth drama Because It’s The First Time.

Amor (2015) – Tae-woo

He starred in the 2015 movie Amor as a zookeeper with a dying girlfriend and yet helps a disheveled woman who appears before his doorsteps.

One More Happy Ending (MBC / 2016) – Song Soo-hyuk

Kyungho caught an angel in the 2016 rom-com One More Happy Ending. He played the role of gossip magazine reporter Song Soo-hyuk who eventually got entangled with Han Mi-mo (played by Jang Na-ra), a former member of idol group Angel.

Missing Nine (MBC / 2017) – Seo Joon-oh

In 2017, he starred in the disaster mystery drama Missing Nine as a former idol member who survived a plane crash along with other celebrity-passengers.

Prison Playbook (tvN / 2017-2018) – Lee Joon-ho

Adding to his critically acclaimed hit dramas was the 2017 Shin Won-ho helmed series Prison Playbook. He played as a former baseball player who had to quit the sport because of injuries and now works as a prison guard.

High End Crush (MBN / 2018) – entertainment program MC (cameo)

He reunited with his Falling for Innocence co-star Kim So-yeon in a fun cameo on High End Crush.

Life on Mars (OCN / 2018) – Han Tae-joo

He teamed up with Park Sung-woong in the critically acclaimed remake of the British crime drama Life On Mars.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (tvN / 2018) – Jeom-dol (voice – ep.5)

He lent his voice in the fantasy drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter.

Deja Vu (2018) – Choi Hyun-suk

He had a supporting role in the mystery thriller film Deja Vu in 2018.

When the Devil Calls Your Name (tvN / 2019) – Ha Rib / Seo Dong-cheon

He reunited with Park Sung-woong in the hit fantasy drama When The Devil Calls Your Name about a famous songwriter who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for success.

Crash Landing on You (tvN / 2019-2020) – Cha Sang-u (ep.1,5,7)

He made an unforgettable cameo in the global hit drama Crash Landing On You as Son Ye-jin’s ex-boyfriend.

Hospital Playlist (tvN / 2020) – Kim Jun-wan

He reunited with Prison Playbook PD Shin Won-ho in the tvN hit drama Hospital Playlist wherein he gave life to the character of cardiothoracic surgery professor Kim Jun-wan.

Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy (2020) – Son Ik-soo

He worked with Park Sung-woong for the third time in the movie Daemuga: Sorrow and Joy – this time as villain, mob leader Son Ik-soo. The movie premiered worldwide at the 25th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in 2020 and is yet to be shown in local theaters.

Hospital Playlist 2 (tvN / 2021) – Kim Jun-wan

He will once again captivate our hearts as he reprises his role as the seemingly cold-hearted but affectionate Prof. Kim Jun-wan in the Season 2 of Hospital Playlist.

Apgujeong Report (2022) – Ji-woo

He is returned to Chungmuro through the movie Apgujeong Report as the plastic surgeon Ji-woo who opens a surgery clinic in Gangnam. Other cast members include Ma Dong-seok, Oh Na-ra, and Oh Yeon-seo. The film has finished filming as of posting.

Crash Course In Romance (tvN/2023) – Cho Chi-yeol

Math Maketh Man. He was once again proved his rom-com prowess in the romance-comedy drama Crash Course in Romance. Starring opposite Chungmuro star Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho played the role of Cho Chi-yeol, a popular math teacher who got entangled with a banchan store owner.

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  1. Just realized through your post that I’ve seen all of his TV dramas (excluding the cameos) from 2016 down to Hospital Playlist 2, except Life on Mars which I’m definitely seeing sometime soon.
    You can really guarantee a good plot if he’s in the show, he chooses his works really well.

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