Lee Min-ki,  Kim Ji-won, Lee El, Son Seok-ku team up in new drama

Lee Min-ki (Oh! Master), Kim Ji-won (Lovestruck in the City), Lee El (When the Devil Calls Your Name), Son Seok-ku (Be Melodramatic) are all confirmed for the upcoming JTBC drama “Will This Be My Liberation” (literal translation).

The drama will revolve around the encounter of three siblings with a mysterious stranger who arrives in their hometown of Sanpo Village.

Lee Min-ki plays the middle child Yeom Chang-hee. He lacks ambition and is looked down upon by his family. He used to dream about moving into the city and live an adventure-filled life, but everything didn’t go well with his plan. Though he is the most logical among the three, he spends his time aimlessly.

Kim Ji-won is the youngest of the three siblings, Yeom Min-jung. She is an introvert and spends her day doing the mundane. Determined to get out of her boring and lonely life, she will now do everything to “liberate” herself.

Lee El takes the role of the hot-tempered eldest child Yeom Ki-jung. Her daily commute back and forth to Seoul feels a burden to her. She now wants to try finding love.

Lastly, Son Seok-koo arrives in town as the charming stranger Mr. Gu. No one in the village knows his identity, and his arrival makes the townspeople wonder about his real motive. He is always drunk and seems lost, until he meets Yeom Min-jung.

This drama is a reunion of sorts for the four leads, who have met in previous projects. Lee Min-ki and Kim Ji-won worked together in the 2018 film Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead while Lee El and Son Seok-koo portrayed a married couple in the 2018 drama Matrimonial Chaos.

Will This Be My Liberation is directed by Kim Suk-yoon (Law School, Light in Your Eyes) and the script will be written by Park Hae-young (My Mister, Another Oh Hae-young).

The drama will premiere in JTBC in the first half of 2022.

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