K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Playlist 2 | Episode 6

There’s no doubt that this episode felt like receiving a warm hug after a dark and rainy day.

Episode 6 Recap

The episode starts with Hansel and Gretel, er, I mean Yun-bok and Hong-do buying iced hot americano at the second floor café on their first day as medical interns (see hospital positions at the afterthoughts below). Do Jae-hak in the background narrates in s1ep2 fairytale style: “The new interns who are scarier than the devil have arrived. They say you should never get sick in March.”

Nearby, we see Jae-hak conversing with Heo Sun-bin, telling her that he hopes there would only be small mistakes this year and not a major one. Sun-bin then asks Jae-hak if he was a troublemaker back when he was an intern. Jae-hak willingly admits that he is and that he cried four times in just a day (why am I not surprised?! Haha). The twins then greet their sunbaes, informing them that Hong-do is starting with OB/GYN and Yun-bok is at GS (interns had to rotate on all departments before their licensure). Jae-hak confidently predicts Hong-do will eventually go to (as a resident) at CS while for Yun-bok, he advises her to make a wise decision and mentions that CS is reducing its working hours. Sun-bin whispers that CS isn’t getting new residents this year that’s why Jae-hak is trying to convince Yun-bok to go to CS. Yun-bok flatly tells him that she would actually go to NS. Sun-bin grabs the chance and treats the twin a cake because “NS people are rich” (haha).

Fellow Jang Gyeo-ul, who is wearing a shorter coat and holding two coffees, joins Jae-hak at the café. She confirms that GS is getting new residents this year (two residents in their second year three in their first year; one is in Jongno branch, four are in Seoul). Jae-hak then mentions that Im Chang-min has to do everything again this year because they didn’t get any new residents while NS has four new people including a coming back dragon – Yong Seok-min.

At their shared apartment, Kim Jun-wan notes that Ahn Jeong-won came home late last night. Jeong-won explains that it was because Gyeo-ul was not feeling well and he opted to stay with her. Jun-wan looks at him with questioning eyes and Jeong-won has to further explain that Gyeo-ul’s brother has already moved in with his fiancé. When Jun-wan prodded, Jeong-won reveals that he is planning to propose soon (kyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!). Clingy Jun-wan then asks if he can just live with them.

On the way to the hospital, Lee Ik-jun argues with his GPS about the faster route to Yulje Medical Center. He then receivs a call from Chae Song-hwa and immediately told her his coffee order (iced vanilla latte).

Back at the second-floor café, the OG residents converse and their point of topic is Seok-min’s comeback as a fellow. Sun-bin reveals that he wants to receive more training under Song-hwa before leaving again in two years. Seok-min explains that he still feels inadequate in his field so when Song-hwa told him about the vacant fellow, he grabbed it immediately. Jae-hak, Gyeo-ul, and Sun-bin share the same sentiment with Seok-min, saying they still doubt if they can perform surgery on their own. Seok-min then announces that he came back because he needs to earn more money for his parents, buy a car, and get married. With church bells ringing in the background, Seok-min emphasizes that he needs money to get married and it won’t happen with his current net worth. Sun-bin not-so-humbly declares she has money and Seok-min doesn’t have to spend any money at all. Jae-hak and Gyeo-ul are left alone after witnessing the whole faux-wedding proposal in front of them (with Gyeo-ul smiling as if she has someone specific in mind).

Still at the café, Ik-jun arrives as Song-hwa tells the café staff (and Ik-jun’s socmed moot) their order. While drinking their coffee, Song-hwa enumerates all the things she had to do this March. The two then see Director Ju Jeon and Professor Cheon Myeong-tae entering the café. The latter then asks Song-hwa if she can do surgery for him. Song-hwa accepts it without hesitation which alarmed Ik-jun. After they were left alone again, Ik-jun lectures Song-hwa about learning to say no to people. Their conversation was cut short after Song-hwa receives an emergency call.

At the OB/GYN, Chu Min-ha tells Hong-do that the only thing interns had to do is what the professors tell them to do. She then proceeds to train him on what to do when the professor tells Hong-do to pull out the Richardson. Hong-do nods as if he fully understood what he had to do in the delivery room. On the 6th floor, the HPB nurse informs Ik-jun about patient Baek Hui-do’s L-tube drainage and then calls Yun-bok to change it.

Meanwhile at the ER, Doctor Bong Gwang-hyeon and NS resident Choi Sungyoung check a bloody patient with a head injury. The patient with a butterfly tattoo was apparently injured in a motorcycle accident. Her boyfriend was already discharged after getting treated with a small cut on his forehead. Said boyfriend is the only one wearing a helmet and had the nerve to violate traffic rules.

At the HPB ward, Yun-bok confidently changes the L-tube drainage of patient Baek, only to reveal after that she put in a new one without removing the old L-tube. Meanwhile, Yang Seok-hyeong leads the an operation and tells his intern to pull out the Richardson. Hong-do then pulls out the Richardson and walks out of the delivery room, leaving all the crew bewildered with his action. Seok-hyeong lightly reprimands Min-ha for not doing a proper handover.  Back at the HPB, Gyeo-ul checks patient Baek, who informs her that the tube feels uncomfortable. Gyeo-ul apologizes for the mishap but patient Baek assures them that it’s fine and he totally understands because his daughter is also a newbie at her work.

On the other floor in the hospital, Song-hwa informs Sungyoung and Seok-min, who are both assisting her, that the TA patient might not regain her consciousness. Sungyoung then tells his professor that the patient’s boyfriend was already discharged. After the surgery, Song-hwa informs patient Hwang Du-na’s parents that the surgery went well but she can’t guarantee if she can regain consciousness.

At Song-hwa’s office, Ik-jun receives a call to his everything – U-ju. Song-hwa arrives as U-ju tries to persuade his dad to go camping with him because Mo-ne and her dad do that often. Ik-jun promises to go camping with U-ju. When asked what they should eat, Song-hwa specifically craves two plain naengmyeon, one spicy naengmyeon, and dumplings. It amazes Ik-jun and Song-hwa says her cravings come naturally like a musical epiphany.

Inside GS Medical Office, Jeong-won enters and gives his hardworking girlfriend a massage on her back. Their sweet moment gets interrupted and both abruptly put space between them as the new residents enter the office. Jeong-won then greets everyone by their name: Choi Se-hoon – first year, Nam Yu-ri, first year, Kim Geon – second year, and Hwang Ji-woo – second year. When Gyeo-ul informs him that she’s taking the new residents out for dinner and drinks, the kindest GS professor gave her the company card. As Gyeo-ul leaves, she overhears Ji-woo saying that Jeong-won is her type (cue: cicadas to cover her cursing haha).

Back at Song-hwa’s office, Jun-wan joins Ik-jun and Song-hwa in their late-night naengmyeon dinner. Ik-jun reminds the hungry bums to slow down but turns out, Jun-wan has already finished his part. He then tells Jun-wan to go home if he’s not on duty. Jun-wan argues that he doesn’t want to go home in an empty apartment (because Jeong-won rarely comes home these days!!!). Song-hwa advises Jun-wan to start dating again but Jun-wan admits that he is not yet over with his ex-girlfriend saying, “I still think about her every day” (even after a year? Junwan T.T)

At the OB/GYN, Min-ha and Seok-hyeong suspect esophageal atresia for patient Kim So-yeong’s baby. Seok-hyeong informs the couple he needs to refer them to a pediatric surgeon.

Meanwhile, Song-hwa and Seok-min went to the ICU where Sung-young had been staying quiet often because of Du-na. Song-hwa reminds him not to ignore their other patients while Seok-min tells him to get some sleep first before organizing the charts. Song-hwa checks on Du-na’s condition and notices that she’s from Chuncheon, concluding that Sung-young is worried because they have the same hometown. Song-hwa recalls that she used to develop attachments like that to her patients – those with the same name as her or those who are around her age. She reminds Seok-min not to be as harsh with Sung-young as he would, later on, learn to numb those emotions. Seok-min nods but comments after that he always thought Song-hwa is born a professor. Song-hwa differs, saying she did a lot of mistakes too in the past.

As the elevator arrives at the 5th floor, Jeong-won greets Min-ha, the OBGYN nurse, and Seok-hyeong, who is very glad to meet him that way. Seok-hyeong then refers the case of patient Kim So-yeong to Jeong-won. Wasting no time, Jeong-won goes to the MFICU and orients the couple about the possible procedures for their baby. They have two options: first is using thoracoscope and second is an open-chest surgery if the baby is small and unstable. He assures them the baby will live after undergoing surgery.

One afternoon then in Yangpyeong, Jeong Ro-sa tells her friend Chairman Ju Jong-su about what happened to her the other day while buying gimbap. She complains about having to use a complicated kiosk to buy a gimbap (all the while, keeps on forgetting things like her hat and her phone). Both of them grumbles that old people like them often feel so left out.

Back at Yulje Medical Center, the OB/GYN crew and the GS fam holds a joint conference for patient Kim So-yeong. While waiting for Jeong-won, the Pediatrics intern offers Hong-do a snack bar and Hong-do informs Min-ha that they are in the same year. As Jeong-won and Seok-hyeong exchanges pleasantries like Hong-do and his friend, pediatrician Yoon Yeo-won notes it’s probably nice to work with a friend. The conference starts and the two professors share their own worries about the surgery; Seok-hyeong with the mother’s condition while Jeong-won with the baby’s weight. The rest of the team left as they continue to argue with the same thing. Jeong-won worries they have to do the surgery sooner than he wants to.

At the PICU, resident Chang-min informs Jun-wan about their patient named Chang-min’s condition. Jun-wan then asks resident Chang-min if he wants to join him in briefing the patient’s mother but the latter refused, leaving Jun-wan confused. At the central graden, Jae-hak surprises his chief by putting on his coat over his shoulder. Jun-wan then opens up about baby Chang-min’s worsening condition and Jae-hak worries about resident Chang-min, who seems to be too attached with the patient sharing his name. Jun-wan assures him that Chang-min looks calm about it. Jae-hak is impressed, recalling that he bawled his eyes out whenever they lost a young patient. The supposed heartwarming conversation ended with Jun-wan leaving grumpily because Jae-hak doesn’t have time for him (I don’t know if I should laugh at this scene. Poor Junwan-ie!!!).

The next day, Jeong-won walks with a pediatric fellow, who is stressed out about her thesis. Their conversation got disturbed as resident Kim Geon calls Jeong-won about Kim So-yeong’s surgery. He and the fellow wait for the baby as Seok-hyeong and his team operate on Kim So-yeong. Jeong-won then informs Kim So-yeong’s husband and mother that they need to do an open-chest surgery on the baby. The mother pleads Jeong-won to save her grandchild because her daughter feels guilty about it.

On the day of the surgery, everyone at the NICU is busy preparing for the delicate procedure. Kim Geon and Jeong-won explain the procedure to Kim So-yeong’s husband and mother-in-law. The mother-in-law then comments that it wouldn’t have happened if the Kim So-yeong underwent a full check-up before they got married. Jeong-won then realized that the woman he talked to was Kim’s mother-in-law. The neonatal surgery starts and almost everyone at the NICU watches including Gyeo-ul and Yun-bok. Gyeo-ul assures worried Yun-bok that the baby will grow up healthy just like other kids. She then explains that such surgeries are hard because surgical sites are tiny that almost everything is done by the lead surgeon.

The night falls and Jeong-won visits Kim So-yeong at her room. Addressing her mother-in-law, he emphasizes that no one is at fault with the situation and all So-yeong needs to worry about is her recovery.

The following day at 2JW’s office, Jun-wan receives a call from resident Chang-min that baby Chang-min’s heart rate keeps on dropping. Jun-wan tells Jeong-won about their surgery the other day with the baby surviving but ended up with sepsis. He adds that everyone has been attached too with the baby because it has the same name as their resident. Jun-wan reluctantly leaves to inform Chang-min’s mother about their child’s worsening condition. He tells them, “Chang-min doesn’t have much time left. He must have been so lonely in the PICU. Please be by his side in his final moments so he won’t be lonely.”

Still at the PICU, Jun-wan instructs resident Chang-min to pronounce baby Chang-min’s death. The second-year resident struggles to do what he had to do as he watches the grieving parents cry. Jun-wan arrives and steps in, turning off the machine himself and pronouncing the baby’s death as resident Chang-min walks off in tears. Later, resident Chang-min goes to see his professor and apologizes for his behavior. Jun-wan comforts Chang-min, saying that it’s okay and that he can cry because “doctors are human too. It’s natural to want to cry in situations like that.” Jun-wan reminds him in the end that he doesn’t need to hold back his emotion but he still needs to do his job no matter how sad he is.

At the changing room, Gyeo-ul receives a call from Ik-jun to do a full liver mobilization. She leads the operation but struggles as the bleeding gets in her view. Ik-jun arrives in time and takes over the procedure. After a while, Ik-jun finds Gyeo-ul at the central garden; her hands on her nape and with an upset look on her face. He offers her coffee and tries to comfort his favorite GS resident. Gyeo-ul opens up, saying she doesn’t seem to have improved at all and that she’s a fellow but she keeps on making mistakes. To which Ik-jun reminds her that she has just been a fellow for two weeks, saying “you’ll improve as you garner more experience. You need to build experience no matter what.” He keeps on repeating that she’s doing fine and she’ll do better because she has always been eager to learn; she just needs more time. When he noticed that his words don’t seem to cheer Gyeo-ul up, he then shares an anecdote of the time “Jeong-won” made a mistake.

Flashback to 2005, intern Ik-jun and Jeong-won were making their rounds when one of the patients had a seizure. It was chaotic and the professor asks for them to bring a 설압자 (seolapja). Intern “Jeong-won” ran and brought back a 서랍(seolap) – drawer.

During the weekends, Ik-jun retells the story with the rest of the Lacking Five. Irritated, Jeong-won bursts out that Ik-jun was the one who made the seolapja mistake.

Flashback again to 2005, Ik-jun brought back a drawer, even offering a 자(ja) – ruler – to his surprised professor.

Back in the present time at Seok-hyeong’s house, Jeong-won is still sulking and Ik-jun tries to explain that it was more dramatic to tell Gyeo-ul that it’s his mistake. Jeong-won excuses himself to clarify (read: whin) to Gyeo-ul that the seolapja incident is Ik-jun’s mistake and not his. The four of them proceed to reminisce about the mistakes they’ve made in the past. They start with Song-hwa. The Changwon boys recall how during their training on patient’s position, Song-hwa misheard her professor’s instruction. Instead of getting the pillow (베개 – baege)  first she instead stood against the wall (벽에 기대어(byeoge gideo). All of them laugh it off with Song-hwa insisting she was just an intern then.

Ik-jun, the know-it-all, proceeds on telling Seok-hyeong’s memorable resident experience. Seok-hyeong had to pronounce a patient’s death but he couldn’t. He tried four times but his professor had to step in in the end. Seok-hyeong says he still remembers everything vividly. Their professors back then often told them to control their emotions but he couldn’t. He gives the floor to Jun-wan who said he didn’t experience something like that because he is very rational. Ik-jun, the inssa that he is, calls out his lie and tells everyone how Jun-wan cries at the restroom after pronouncing a patient’s death for the first time. Jun-wan says the only regret he had back then was holding back his emotions. And now that they are professors they tell their students that it’s okay to feel emotions because they are not AIs/robots.

Mido and Falasol sings and reminds everyone that “It’s okay, it going to be okay. You have a bright future ahead of you. We believe in you. You’re your superstar.” *insert intense bawling because this feels like a warm hug after a long tiring day*

With Superstar in the background, we see our tired and trying interns and residents. Patient Baek thanks Yun-bok profusely for taking care of him. Chuchu Min-ha leaves ramyeon and sausage at Hong-do’s desk with a note that says, “I made worse mistakes when I was an intern. Himnae! (cheer up!).”

Meanwhile, Sung-young talks to Du-na, convincing her to wake up so that she can spend the rest of her spring March with her friends. The patient surprises Sung-young as she responds to him and moves her hand as told. At the PICU, Jeong-won joins Kim So-yeong and her husband as they watch their baby at the NICU. They wholeheartedly express their gratitude to Jeong-won, revealing they named the baby after him.

Maknae’s Takeaway

Did I say my favorite episode is episode 5? Well, this one is my favorite and I think it would stay on the top spot for at least two weeks.

Episode 6 happens in March of 2021 when everyone is in their transition period. Medical students suddenly become interns; interns become residents; and residents are now fellows. Everyone is in their adjustment period so it wasn’t at all surprising that they made mistakes or they become too attached to their patients. I can’t express how much I love the way they showed these types of struggles in this episode. It hits close to home and I think a lot of people resonate with the theme because, at some point in our lives, we experienced this uncertain transitional period – that period when we are learning the ropes in our chosen paths.

Like the Yulje interns, residents, and fellows, most of us probably are too harsh on ourselves. We are too impatient because other people (our seniors) do the things we ought to do with ease. But the Lacking Five is there to remind us that we’re still learning and that’s okay, we’ll be fine. The phrase “gwenchana” had been repeatedly said the whole episode and the band scene was the perfect culmination for this well-done episode. Hearing them sing the lyrics “it’s okay, you’ll be fine” feels like they’re recharging us after “all the things that stressed you out and all the sweat and tears you have shed.” Saying it hit a chord would be an understatement.

I also like how in this season, Lee-writernim and her team shatters the notion that the main characters are perfect and that the series is just about them saving the day. Some might take it that way but Hospital Playlist isn’t your typical medical drama. Instead of going technical, they consistently showed the day-to-day life at the hospital (yes, not just the Lacking Five but the whole Yulje fam). And this season, they humanize their characters further by showing their flaws and mistakes. As I’ve always said in this blog, I like stories with more humane characters – those that I can relate to or at least, empathize with. Hospital Playlist has them. They gave me characters that I love every detail – scars and all. If this episode isn’t enough to prove Hospital Playlist is still the same – or even better than – as season 1, then I think it’s time for those people to move on and find their new healing drama (yes, no matter how harsh this is). As Seok-hyeong said before, it’s a waste of time doing things they don’t want or hate. I earnestly hope that somewhere out there, there’s a new drama waiting for them that can give them the same healing and comforting feeling that Hospital Playlist gave and is continuing to give me.


– Hospital Heirarchy as explained in this hadeutori episode:

  1. Professor (교수/Gyosu)
  2. Associate Professor (부교수 / Bogyosu)
  3. Assistant Professor (조교수/ Jogyosu)
  4. Fellow – after obtaining a license, doctor training at general hospital for experience
  5. Chief Resident – top resident doctor in the department; usually someone with three to four years’ experience but Gyeo-ul was chief at two
  6. Resident doctor – specializing in the department; depending on major can take three to four years; does basic diagnosis/treatment/prescriptions/and easier surgery to gain experience
  7. Intern – does basic department for one year after earning a medical license
  8. Medical Students – doing a practicum at hospital

– Presumptive timeline for this episode. Year 2021: March 1-7 – new semester at Yulje; intern’s incidents; Du-na’s surgery; March 8-14 – Gyeo-ul’s incident and her conversation with Ik-jun; baby Chang-min’s death and patient Dun-na’s stay at the ICU; March 15-21 – scenes where patients recovered.

-All of them have new phones!!!

-Why is Kim Geon so tall?? Like taller than Ahn-gyosu?

-Grumpyahjumma recommends My Unfamiliar Family to see more of actor Lee Jong-won (yes, yes his name is Jong-won but with a different hangul character for Jong. Ahn Jeong-won is Jeong.)

-Kim Geon, stop looking at Gyeoul!

-My gardenbear heart is happy because this ep has a lot of scenes with Jeong-won and Seok-hyeong.

-Jun-wan x Jae-hak >>>>> all your K-drama OTPs

– Prison Governor Kim Yong-chul!!!

-I don’t want to get my hopes up but this Silverdragon wedding talk feels like a foreshadowing for Gyeo-ul and Jeong-won’s wedding. I hear the Canon in D already.

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