Lee Yoo-young to train Kang Ha-neul as an insider in new drama

Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Within) and Kang Ha-neul (River Where the Moon Rises) are teaming up for the upcoming JTBC action drama “Insider” (working title).

Insider is an action-suspense drama that revolves around the revenge of a legal apprentice who ends up in prison after getting caught up in a maze of corruption, betrayal, and manipulation.

Kang Ha-neul will play the role of Kim Yo-han, a judicial trainee who pursues a covert operation against a corrupt prosecutor. While going undercover, his life takes a drastic turn as he became a victim of power play and was sent to prison. He dedicated his life in prison plotting revenge against those who betrayed him.

Lee Yoo-young takes on the role of Oh Soo-yeon, an underground businesswoman with strong influence on the powerful. She uses her wealth and connections to manipulate other people. She will eventually recognize Kim Yo-han as a potential asset, and offered to groom him under her wing.

The drama will be helmed by PD Min Yeon-hong (Missing: The Other Side) while the script will be written by Moon Man-se (Priest).

Insider will premiere in the first half of 2022.

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