Kwak Si-yang, EXID’s Hani, Kim Min-kyu to star in new JTBC drama

Kwak Si-yang (Red Sky), EXID’s Hani (Not Yet 30), and Kim Min-kyu (Pop Out Boy!) are all confirmed to star in JTBC’s new music drama “Idol: The Coup” (working title).

The drama will revolve around an unpopular idol group’s last story, wherein these “fail-dols” (failed idols) only need a one time hit to get disbanded.

Hani takes on the role of Kim Je-na, a member of the idol group Cotton Candy for six years. Kwak Si-yang will play the role of Cha Jae-hyuk, the CEO of Cotton Candy’s agency Starpeace Entertainment, who is known for being a “human calculator.” Lastly, Kim Min-kyu joins the cast as Seo Ji-han, a member of the popular idol group Mas, which is also under the same label as Cotton Candy.

Idol: The Coup will be directed by No Jong-chan (Clean with Passion for Now, Personal Taste) while the script will be written by Jung Yoon-jung (Misaeng, The Bride of Habaek, Arang and the Magistrate).

The drama will premiere in late 2021.

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