Jung In-sun, Lee Jun-young star in new cohabitation drama

 Jung In-sun (Not Yet 30) and U-KISS’s Lee Jun-young (Imitation) are both cast as the leads of SBS’s upcoming romance drama “I’ll Become Your Night” (literal translation).

Jung In-sun will take on the role of In Yoon-joo, a kindhearted travel guide for the elderly who dreams of owning a house one day. An unexpected incident befalls to her and she ends disguising as a doctor in an idol group’s dormitory. Romance welcomes her as she will be forced to live with the group’s five members.

Lee Jun-young will play as idol group LUNA’s leader and vocalist Yoon Tae-in, who suffers from sleepwalking. He is aloof to everyone, but will slowly open up to their new live-in doctor In Yoon-joo, who will look for ways to cure him.

The supporting cast includes NU’EST’s JR as the band’s bassist Lee Shin, Yoon Ji-sung as the drummer Kim Yoo-chan, and AB6IX‘s Kim Dong-hyun as the keyboardist and maknae Gaon.

I’ll Become Your Night is directed by Ahn Ji-sook and the script is written by Yoo So-won and Seo Jung-eun.

The drama is schedule to premiere on SBS in the last stretch of 2021.

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