Song Yoon-ah, Lee Sung-jae, Jeon So-min, 2PM’s Chansung lead new Channel A drama

Song Yoon-ah (Graceful Friends), Lee Sung-jae (Diary of a Prosecutor), Jeon So-min (Top Star Yoo Baek), and 2PM’s Chansung (So I Married an Anti-Fan) have all been confirmed to star in Channel A’s upcoming melodrama “Show Window: Queen’s House” (literal translation).

Show Window: Queen’s House will revolve around a woman’s journey in unknowingly supporting the infidelity of her husband’s mistress.

Song Yoon-ah topbills the drama as Han Sun-joo, a meticulous and devoted wife and mother to her perfect family. She comes from a wealthy background and does everything to raise her children well. But all these happiness will soon crush unexpectedly as she cross paths with another woman who has a secret affair with her husband.

Lee Sung-jae will play the role of Han Sun-joo’s husband Shin Myung-seob. He is described as a “modern Cinderella” who hails from a poor background but managed to succeed in his career through the help of his wife. He now works at her mother-in-law’s company Rahen Group.

Jeon So-min takes on the role of Yoon Mi-ra, who enter into. a forbidden relationship with Han Sun-joo’s husband Shin Myun-seob. She has lived a tough life since childhood, having lost her parents in an accident.

Lastly, 2PM’s Chansung will join the drama as Han Sun-joo’s younger brother Han Jung-won. He is described as a loyal sibling who will do anything to protect his sister.

The drama is directed by Kang Sol and Park Dae-hee while the script is written by Han Bo-kyung and Park Hye-young

It is scheduled to premiere in November.

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