K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Playlist 2 | Episode 10

I can now breathe easier as my favorite characters finally found the strength to lay everything out in the open – their truths as well as their hearts.

Episode 10 Recap

Just like what Kim Jun-wan told Do Jae-hak last week, he arrived at the ICU one minute after Jae-hak called. The emergency call has snatched away his chance to finally have a talk with Lee Ik-sun. All he has after that is Ik-sun’s text message, promising that she’ll call.

The spring is almost over and summer is arriving in Yulje. Some of the members of Bong Salon are eating ice cream in the central garden when the topic about the Lacking Five came up. Dr. Bong Gwang-hyeon explains to them why their band is called Gongnyong Ridge (as in Dinosaur peak in Seorak-san). According to him, they started as a hiking club and Jeong-won wanted to take his friends to their namesake peak but they haven’t fulfilled that yet. Dr. Bong concluded his story by saying, they are not a band but just a bunch of people eating bibimbap together (I miss hearing Dr. Bong’s anecdotes!!!).

In a very dramatic fashion, Jun-wan, Lee Ik-jun, and Yang Seok-hyeong are arguing with Ahn Jeong-won about his plans of taking them to the trail. Their argument was getting intense to the point that they are considering changing their band name to Biseondae Peak. They only stop arguing when their mother hen finally arrived and fetch them. 

Chae Song-hwa had to endure the ruckus of her friends and they were rightfully scolded for that. At the drive-thru, uri food expert has perfectly memorized and recited all of her friends’ orders. And the rest of them finally got their late dinner at Seok-hyeong’s house, where Lee Ik-jun brought up his upcoming birthday. He already decided what song to play for that and the rest reluctantly agreed.

While Jeong-won and Ik-jun book their accommodation for their Seorak-san trip, Ik-jun shows off to Jun-wan that they can now book things like that online. In which Jun-wan replied, “Just like booking those bus tickets?” Awkard silence ensued (which made me wonder if Jun-wan suspects his reunion with Ik-sun wasn’t a mere coincidence). 

The next day at Yulje’s 2nd-floor cafe, Jeong-won talks to his brother on the phone and updates him about their mother’s condition. After the call, he then asks Gyeo-ul about her mother’s health and her brother’s upcoming wedding. He insisted on buying Jang Ga-eul (Park Jung-woo) a gift before leaving Gyeo-ul back to her pensive mood (finally a name for her brother!).

At the outpatient clinic, we met this week’s patient – Kang Chan-dong (Lee Jae-in), a liver cirrhosis patient who brought his friend (Kim Hee-chang) to be his donor. Ik-jun explained to them that because they are not blood relatives, they would have to undergo stringent screening to ensure it’s not a case of organ trafficking.

At the other side of the hospital, Song-hwa and Yang Seok-min check on the recovery progress of TA patient Hwang Du-na. Song-hwa observes from the outside and thinks she’s recovering well. Inside the treatment office though, Du-na seems frustrated for not being able to answer simple questions. 

Back at the 2nd-floor café, Chu Min-ha arrives with a tired face. She grabs Gyeo-ul and brought her to the center garden for some advice about her love problem. She only has one chance left and she thinks she needs to do it differently this time – outside the hospital and not in her scrubs. She then rants to Gyeo-ul about how stressful her shift was and how she used a cleaning powder to wash her hair. As she wishes not to run Seok-hyeong in that state, Ik-jun arrives at the central garden and yes, with Seok-hyeong in tow. The two bffs left to buy shampoo in the convenience store while Ik-jun and Seok-hyeong get on with their conversation. 

Ik-jun shares his patient’s case with Seok-hyeong. He confidently declares that he is sure his patient and his donor are real best friends but is worried about the screening process they will face. Ik-jun’s words are true as Organ Donation CoordinatorHam Deok-ju explains to Mr. Kang and his friend the process they need to undergo.

[tw: domestic abuse/violence]

Later that night, Jang Ga-eul arrives in Yulje and shares a piece of bad news with his older sister. Ga-eul’s fiancé called off their wedding after her parents find out about their family history. Ga-eul said that he told his fiancé everything – how his father beat their mother and is now in jail. He adds that he saw it coming as the way his fiancé looks at him changed as soon as he told her the truth; telling Gyeo-ul that he feels like his girlfriend was thinking whether he would also turn out like his father. With that, Gyeo-ul apologizes to his brother for not being able to do anything. She adds that she won’t be able to take care of him too because her priority now is their mother. 

Meanwhile, in Yangpyeong, Chairman Ju Jong-su cooks noodles for his friends Jeong Ro-sa and Jo Young-hye. In the middle of their noodle dinner, Young-hye shares with them that Seok-hyeong might leave for the US because he applied for a training program there. She airs her woes to Ro-sa who only replied what Young-hye already knew – once Seok-hyeong set his mind on something, it would be hard for them to change his mind.

At the Yulje break room, Jae-hak opens up to Jun-wan about why they don’t have a child. Despite Jun-wan’s “uninterested” façade, Jae-hak shares that they have been trying to have a baby for years but last year, they decided to stop trying as it has already been physically and emotionally tolling on them. Jae-hak then adds that having a beer at home with his wife and chat after work is the best thing for him. Jun-wan honestly tells Jae-hak that he envies their relationship.

Inside the counseling room, coordinator Ham gives a list of documents Mr. Kang and his friend had to complete within the week. She explains that it is her job to suspect their motives. She also needs them to prove they have been friends from high school and maintained a connection up to the present.

At the 2nd floor café, Jae-hak’s wife, Hyo-ju, experienced stomach cramps and she was immediately brought to the ER. Dr. Bong reveals the result of their examination to Jae-hak, saying that there’s nothing to worry about but they need to see an Obstetrician for her other condition. Shocked with the test result, Jae-hak explains to his wife that they are having a baby.

Meanwhile, on the ground floor, Ik-jun teases Jeong-won about him and his overly-organized habits. The habit has become more apparent when Song-hwa revealed to Jun-wan and Ik-jun their itinerary for their Seorak-san trip. The Changwon boys got goosebumps upon learning Jeong-won planned their whole trip down to the smallest detail; from when they would leave to where rest stop they should take a break. Ik-jun tells Jun-wan in jest: “Should we tell Gyeo-ul to run away?” (lol).

At Seok-hyeong’s clinic, he explains Hyo-ju’s condition and confirms that she is indeed pregnant. Seok-hyeong informs them that there are a lot of things to consider given Hyo-ju’s age but the baby is currently healthy and active. Much to Jae-hak’s surprise, Hyo-ju enthusiastically accepts the news. Before the consultation ends, Hyo-ju brings up the lump she felt on her breast and Seok-hyeong reffers them to a specialist. 

In his office, Jun-wan is contemplating whether to call Ik-sun when a text message startled him. Ik-sun sent a text message, informing him that she will be in Seoul. She also asks him to meet her on Monday at the Steakhouse in Front of the Hospital. He agreed to meet her after his scheduled surgery that day.

On her way out of the GS Medical Office 1, Jang Gyeo-ul meets Kim Geon, who is already on his way to the team dinner. He offers to wait for her but Gyeo-ul declines, saying she needs to make a phone call.

At the confines of the emergency stairs, Gyeo-ul made a private call to her mom. Cho Sun-yeong tells her daughter that she wants to go back to Gwangju so that Gyeo-ul can focus on her work. Despite assuring her that she doesn’t need to worry about her, Sun-yeong insists she’d be fine on her own. She shares that she feels like Gyeo-ul’s family is just bogging her down. With that, Gyeo-ul retorts that she will quit her job and go to Gwangju with her mom. While her mom cries on the other line, Gyeo-ul says, “I can’t be happy if you’re not happy, Mom. So please, if you truly care about me, stay with me. Stay with me and Ga-eul.

Gyeo-ul returns to the GS office and finds Jeong-won waiting for him. He greets her with a warm smile and Gyeo-ul runs towards him and hugs him. He embraces her back tightly as Gyeo-ul breaks down in his arms.

The day of their Seorak-san trip is finally here. In the first car, Ik-jun shares to Jun-wan and Song-hwa that U-ju is with Mone’s father. He tells them that Mo-ne and Ma-ne’s father is TV producer Na, er, I mean, Jang Young-seok. When Ik-jun says that Jang PD looks like Na PD, the latter was deeply offended (this is the best cameo this season!). 

After that their conversation turns to the possibility they might receive an emergency call on their way to Sokcho. On cue, Song-hwa receives a call. In the second car, Jeong-won receives a call too from ER. Not long after, Ik-jun receives a call for a TA patient with a liver laceration. The only two survivors are Jun-wan and Seok-hyeong.

Arriving in separate cars, the two checked in at Cheol-u’s Guesthouse. The couple welcomes their guests and Seok-hyeong politely accepts it. Before the couple leaves, Seok-hyeong asks where Cheol-u is but it turns out it was the man he is currently talking to. Cheol-u then proudly shares they will renovate their guesthouse soon after their daughter, who works at a big hospital in Seoul, sent them a huge amount of money. After they were left alone, Seok-hyeong then notices Jun-wan staring intently at the family portrait in their room. Seok-hyeong joins him and got the surprise of his life upon seeing a young Chu Min-ha with the family portrait. Jun-wan shares the news to Jeong-won who finds the coincidence amusing and comments that he had to share it with Gyeo-ul. Jun-wan then rants over the phone about how he and Seok-hyeong are not compatible at all. 

In Yulje, meanwhile, Gyeo-ul calls Min-ha to inform her that Seok-hyeong and Jun-wan are staying at their guesthouse. Min-ha immediately calls her mom to say that the professor who is helping her with her thesis is staying at their guesthouse. She describes her said professor as the one who looks like a bear.

Back in Sokcho, Jun-wan and Seok-hyeong argue over what to watch on the TV. Their fight was called off by a knock on their door. Min-ha’s parents give them a plate of sashimi. Before leaving, Min-ha’s mother holds Jun-wan’s hand and asks him to take care of Min-ha (she got it wrong! Haha ottoke, Min-ha?). While having dinner, Jun-wan and Seok-hyeong fight over another thing – the choice of alcoholic drink to pair for their sashimi.

The next day in Yulje, Jun-wan receives a phone call from Jae-hak, informing him that the surgery is delayed. He immediately texted Ik-sun about the update and move their meeting time an hour late.

In the central garden, Ik-jun joins Coordinator Ham who has a worried look on her face. She shares to Ik-jun that everything seems okay with Mr. Kang and his donor but there’s one thing that has been bothering her. There’s no evidence that Mr. Kang attended his donor’s wedding. After listening to his problem, Ik-jun suggests that Mr. Kang could have been receiving the cash gift from the guests because he is one of the groom’s trusted people. Coordinator Ham rushes off to confirm Ik-jun’s speculation. 

Inside the OR, the pediatrics team prepares for baby Ju-won’s surgery. Assisting Jeong-won is fellow Hwang Ji-woo and intern Jang Hong-do. In the middle of the surgery, Hong-do’s hands slip while giving the suction to Jeong-won. The professor then calmly told him that he needs to be more careful. He also gives important notes to the fellow and Hong-do looks at him with admiration (oooh, I wonder if he’ll choose GS too as his dept).

At Song-hwa’s office, Ik-jun notices that it was raining outside. He immediately brews coffee for Song-hwa, who was so busy with her paperwork to notice that it was raining. With caffeinated drinks at hand, Song-hwa then asks Ik-jun what gift he likes for his birthday. Ik-jun won’t answer at first but he assures her that “if it’s from you, I don’t care what it is.” Song-hwa just smiles and answers that she’ll buy him something useful. As Song-hwa leaves to check on her patient, Ik-jun receives good news about his patient. Coordinator Ham has found proof that Mr. Kang attended his friend’s wedding. 

Things aren’t looking great for Jun-wan’s surgery. It took him more than seven hours and finished the surgery later than expected. After informing the guardian that the surgery went well, Jun-wan rushes off to the restaurant in front of the hospital. 

Meanwhile, tired Jeong-won changes from his crocs to his sneakers as someone opens the door to his office. He initially thought it was Jun-wan but his mood instantly changes as he sees Gyeo-ul by the door. She invites him to dinner at their usual place. 

[tw: domestic abuse/violence]

Sitting at the same table at the same restaurant in episode 1, Gyeo-ul asks Jeong-won why he wasn’t asking anything about her family. Jeong-won replies that he figured out there must be a good reason why she is keeping things to herself and so he decided to wait for her. Gyeo-ul then tells Jeong-won about her father and her childhood. She reveals that she, too, was physically abused by her father and that her home felt like hell. She says that when she finally moved to Seoul for college, for the first time in her life, she wasn’t scared to go home. She was so relieved escaping their miserable home that she ignored the signs that the abuse was still going on in her home. She also explains why about a month ago (at the time of Jeong-won’s supposed proposal), she had to go to Gwangju. It was then she finally confirmed her suspicion. Her father is still abusive and that her mother was beaten up to the point she needed to undergo surgery. 

Gyeo-ul: I want to see you too every day. I want to be with you all the time, but right now my mom needs me more. I want to only think about my mom at the moment.
Jeong-won: Don’t worry about me. Just being able to see you at the hospital makes me happy enough, so you should stay by her side at all times in the meantime. Gyeoul-ah~, don’t beat yourself up. I understand it. If I were in your situation, I would have done the same. It’s not your fault, so don’t torture yourself with such thoughts. And having dinner with you at least once a week is enough for me.

At the Steakhouse in Front of the Hospital, Jun-wan arrives two hours late from their agreed time. But he need not to worry as Ik-sun was still there; patiently waiting for him. After some small talk, Ik-sun apologizes to Jun-wan for lying to him and breaking up with him. She explains that she felt she was being selfish and she was adding/causing stress to Jun-wan and hurt him in the process. 

Ik-sun: I still have feelings for you. That’s why I kept that photo of you. But that’s just how I feel. I’ll deal with it, so you don’t need to worry about it.
Jun-wan: You know we’ll run into each other from time to time. Can you act like nothing ever happened whenever we run into each other? I don’t think I can do that.

The next day at 2JW’s office, Jeong-won informs Jun-wan of their dress code for their band practice – black and chain. Jun-wan then suddenly remembers Jae-hak’s appointment.

At the outpatient clinic, the breast cancer specialist informs Jae-hak and Hyo-ju that she has stage two breast cancer. She gives her all the options in consideration with her pregnancy: to keep the baby and delay the chemotherapy or terminate her pregnancy and starts the treatment immediately. Jae-hak decides to give up the baby and start with the treatment but Hyo-ju insists on keeping the baby. The oncologist advises them to get a professional opinion from their OB. The couple discusses the matter and Jae-hak informs his Professor they are having a hard time deciding. Jun-wan then assures him that Seok-hyeong can handle it.

While talking to Seok-hyeong, the married couple decides that they should keep the baby. However, Hyo-ju insists that she would not undergo chemotherapy as it might be dangerous to her baby. To which Seok-hyeong said, “What if you’re gone when the baby comes out to see you? That’s very irresponsible.” He then explains to a crying Hyo-ju and Jae-hak that undergoing treatment while she’s pregnant is possible. Seok-hyeong then adds: There are times when I tell my patients that they must make a choice. When I do that, I ponder on it too. ‘What would be the best decision? What choice should they make?’ And oftentimes, this helps me answer that question. ‘What would I do if the patient were my family? What would I do if she were my sister?’

After the consultation, Jae-hak informs Jun-wan that Seok-hyeong has managed to persuade her wife to undergo treatment. Jun-wan is relieved (annoyed in his term) that Seok-hyeong was there to help Jae-hak.

At the outpatient clinic, Ik-jun is happy to inform Mr. Kang and his friend-donor that their papers are already being processed. He assured them that the coordinator would not submit their documents if they have no chance of passing. He then asks the two men how they become friends: the two were 63rd and 64th placers in high school and often hang out instead of studying. Mr. Kang’s friend notes that “we’ve been busy hanging out like that and 30 years have passed already.” And since they were already on the subject, Ik-jun asked why he was donating his liver and their answer is that “Because I’d have no one to hang out with if he’s gone.”

Later at the OB/GYN nurse’s station, Nurse Han Seung-ju and Min-ha invite Seok-hyeong to a fellow’s birthday party at a club. He declines, saying that all the residents will be uncomfortable except for Min-ha.

Meanwhile, Sun-bin waits for Song-hwa as she puts on her socks before they do their rounds. Ik-jun is also talking about what and what not to wear as he and Gyeo-ul walk in the 2nd-floor hallway. He advises Gyeo-ul to just wear comfortable clothing to their team dinner since they are coming from work and it’s okay that he will be the only one dressed up. Gyeo-ul then mentions that she knew they will be practicing a rock song during the weekend because her drummer boyfriend bragged about his leather pants (I’m already dying of laughter at this point). 

In their leather outfits, Mido and Falasol perform the rock classic ‘It’s My Life’ by Bon Jovi.

Back in Yulje, Min-ha’s mom sent her a photo she took with the two Yulje Professors. She then discovered that her mom thought her daughter’s professor was Jun-wan; explaining she thought her professor looks like a polar bear. But Min-ha tells them that her professor is just a regular bear (this comparison is cute and so on point!).  

Inside the GS Medical Office 1, Professors Lee Ji-hoon and Hwang Bae-jin are chatting while resident Kim Geon and Gyeo-ul are busy with their work. Prof. Lee Ji-hoon then remembers he needed the contact number for the DLL Program so he asked Jeong-won about it. While waiting for the said contact, Prof. Hwang Bae-jin suddenly asks Gyeo-ul if she and her boyfriend have split up because they have been dating for a while now, and yet, there’s no news about them getting married (oh, Prof. Hwang if you only knew haha). Gyeo-ul assured them that they are still together but Prof. Hwang said that if ever they would break up, he would set Gyeo-ul up to a blind date. Kim Geon reacts to it and Prof. Lee reveals that Kim Geon’s ideal type is Gyeo-ul. Kim Geon apologizes but the two unknowing professors keep on teasing them. To stop their ridiculous antics, Jeong-won purposely called Prof. Lee and insisted with gritted teeth that he needs to call the DLL number right there and then. He then receives a call from the NICU and leaves the room with Gyeo-ul trailing behind him. (I would just like to point out that he gave an interesting look to the apologetic Kim Geon before he left). 

On the night of Ik-jun’s birthday, Song-hwa calls him to give his gift but he’s away on a team dinner in Gangnam. Song-hwa then left the gift at his office. Jun-wan, too, will be out that night as he would go to Itaewon and have fun.

At the OB/GYN Medical Office, Min-ha contemplates calling Seok-hyeong. As if summoned by her thoughts, Seok-hyeong arrives and asks Min-ha to meet her outside the hospital and have a meal with him. His treat, he adds.

That same night at 11:40pm, Nurse Sunwoo Hui-soo receives an emergency call that a trauma patient in his 40s is on his way to the hospital. The responder informs her that he’s a doctor at Yulje. Dr. Bong grabs the phone for Nurse Hui-soo and immediately asks for the name of the patient (and we have to wait two weeks to know?!).

Maknae’s Verdict

This episode is so rich in emotions, revelations, and relationship progressions that I had a hard time stringing the right words together to express my feelings about it. But allow me to try.

“With Gyeo-ul, I think, she’s been harboring these wounds for a bit longer than we thought.” – When I said this in my episode 5 recap I thought I was being overly dramatic. I even said to myself that no, I’m probably projecting my headcanon too much. And for weeks, I tried to reel in these expectations because, truth to be told, I wasn’t ready to see my comfort character’s wounds. In this episode, Gyeo-ul – my beloved Gyeo-ul – has finally told Jeong-won her family’s history. It was so brave for her to tell everything to Jeong-won even after she heard what happened to her brother and his fiancé. But I think their relationship was really different. The way Gyeo-ul asked Jeong-won during their dinner made me think that she knew that Jeong-won knew all along (or at least has a hunch) what’s going on with her family. Just like how he knew about the child abuse case in season 1. See how he wasn’t that at all surprised when Gyeo-ul told him about her father? I really love how he just took it all in – without judgment and unnecessary mansplaining. There wasn’t you should have done this or that. Instead, he gave Gyeo-ul comforting words she obviously needed so badly after battling in her own war. I also want to emphasize how that whole dinner conversation highlighted that Gyeo-ul is in control of her own life now. She was in distress but she’s not some damsel who needed some saving. She handled it well on her own all this time. She grew up well despite the hell of a childhood she had. The way she tells Jeong-won her story isn’t some call for help. She’s just showed him another side of her – a face she wouldn’t show to anyone except for the people she trusts. And with this gesture, Jeong-won has now the whole picture of Gyeo-ul and still, he didn’t run away. He’s staying by her side. This bit has really given a new light to these characters. Everything that happened in season 1 changes in my eyes – the things they said; how they acted. It was planned all along to be like that. And I love her more than ever. 

Similar to Jeong-won, Jun-wan got his fair share of truthful talk. The difference though is that he doesn’t really have an idea what happened to them a year ago. The break-up was so sudden and confusing for his part that it wasn’t at all surprising why he couldn’t get over her at all. What I find surprising, at first, is Jun-wan’s reaction to Ik-sun’s apology. I thought he would be welcoming her with a straight “I like you too, let’s get back together.” But I guess, it was a response to how Ik-sun told him that her feelings for him is her problem to solve alone. She snatched away – again – the chance for Jun-wan to decide on his own. I think that there’s a tinge of frankness and condescending tone in the way he answered Ik-sun because of that. What Jun-wan longs is to be a companion to someone – the proof is the way he said he envies Dae-hak’s relationship with his wife. And I think it’s really time for Ik-sun to let him be that to her if ever they decide to pursue this second chance.

This episode has also shown Jun-wan and Seok-hyeong’s dynamic. We rarely see them alone together. And we know now why. They are two different kinds of bears but they still are bears (thanks to Min-ha’s mom for this comparison!). They may not like the same shows or have the same choice of alcoholic drink but they can rely on each other when they need to. Just like Ik-jun’s patient, which I think was used for a comparative point to this friendship narrative in this episode. Actually, the Seorak-san trip and the other Mido and Falasol scenes have been a welcome lighthearted relief from all the dramas surrounding the lovelines. They are ridiculous and funny and very relatable. They might be lifesavers in the hospital but outside they are just like us – getting excited over burgers and fries, be petty over car seats, long for a weekend trip, and sing their hearts out with a karaoke favorite. I don’t think I’m ready to let go of these people.


-First, I want to give so much love to how Jung Kyung-ho played the role of Jun-wan in this series. He, as an actor, always put such detail to his performance that he can easily jump from one character to another. He’s one consistent character that I ought to hug if we ever meet in K-dramaland.

-Another character I want to give a warm hug to is Jang Gyeo-ul. I fell in love with Shin Hyun-been once again in that scene. I can see no trace of Hyun-been or her other previous characters in her break down scene at the GS room. All I can see there is Gyeo-ul, a scarred child who has found her way to her home and finally let herself cry. Hyuneen, saranghae!

-Jung Moon-Sung also deserves a round of applause in this episode. He plays the brightest Yulje character but seeing him in tears has also sent me to tears town. I really wish that I would be able to watch him on stage someday.

-I was about to type in and rant about why they chose a rock song for this emotional episode. But after hearing Yoon Mirae’s version of It’s My Life, I now totally understand why it has to be this song. Every line from that song hits different now. Gaaad, thank you K-drama OST muses for creating this rendition. 

– I’m surprised that everyone finds it surprising that Jeong-won organized their trip down to details. I thought everyone do their itinerary in an excel sheet? Or am I not normal?

-The scenario writers in this season deserve a raise for how entertaining the PPLs are. 

-Who names their children after the two most melancholic seasons???

-Timeline notes: April 18 – date of when Jun-wan and Ik-sun met again. May – supposed Seorak-san trip. I have a hunch that if there would be season 3, then this season would end on the June 2021 timeline. 

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  1. been a silent reader for the longest time but just had to drop a comment this time. Thank you for doing these recaps ❤
    I too am not ready to part with the lacking 5 and the supporting characters. Hospital Playlist has continued to be a healing slice of life drama for me. Yoon Mirae''s cover of Bon Jovi's 'It's my life' really does hit different. It made me think back to all the decisions of I've made throughout my life and going back to the drama, it truly is so apt for all the revelations in ep 10! All the decisions the lacking 5 + supporting characters made that placed them on the paths they are in now. My favourite is Jang Gyeoul as well and after ep 10, I just have so much respect for her and also her brother for their efforts in the pursuit of a better and safe life. They are both so strong and deserving of unconditional love 😦


    1. Hi!!! Thank you so much for reading my recaps and leaving this message. 💖
      The song has been on repeat for days now and the emotions from ep 10 is still there. Hoping for the best for our fave characters in the coming episodes 😊

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  2. Hey I am so happy I came across your hosplay recaps! I appreciate how detailed your post is. My fave character is Gyeoul and I resonate so much with you wanting to give her a hug ❤️😭 SHB really did justice to Gyeoul’s character. I honestly couldn’t rewatch the scene because it just pains me watching her cry 😦

    Do you think a wedding is possible by the end of the season? Was really looking forward for wintergarden to finally wed but with the pacing of the recent eps, it seems like a wedding is more plausible in season 3.

    Thanks so much again for your detailed recap! I will be looking forward to your next posts ❤️

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    1. Hi there Sam! Welcome to our humble blog 💖 This is actually the first time I’m doing a scene-by-scene recap and I’m doing it because it’s HosPlay 😅

      As for the wedding, I actually agree with you on the pacing. The narration is slower than season 1. If there would be a timeskip, I think we can see a WG wedding but I’m not really convinced it’s possible at the moment. What I’m looking forward though is at least wedding proposal by episode 12 OR at least Jeong-won opening up the possibility of marriage with Gyeo-ul in a simple conversation. Either way, I just want them to be happy. 😊 Thank you again for reading, see you in ep 11 😊

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