The Best of “Doom at Your Service”

Doom at Your Service can be sum up with this paradoxical description: a seemingly tragic love story with a happy ending. Our star-crossed lovers Myeol-mang and Tak Dong-kyung had to go through a lot of trials and sufferings before they finally got their own kind of happily ever after. Here are the best things about Doom at Your Service!

Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk’s portrayal of Tak Dong-kyung and Myeol-mang

Tak Dong-kyung and Myeol-mang are exactly the characters one can expect in a fantasy tale. Dong-kyung is one of the unluckiest K-drama characters out there. She had to deal with burgeoning problems in every episode. Meanwhile, Myeol-mang detests his fate and his designated purpose in the living realm. The problems they faced throughout the series were problems that no ordinary person will experience. But Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk made their audience feel emphatic about their characters through their believable portrayals. You’ll cry when they cry; you’ll happy when they do; and most importantly, you’ll root for them to be together even it might look so impossible. But gladly, sonyeoshin took pity on the two and gave them the chance to live like a normal couple.

Melancholic overtone

Doom always hovers the main leads through the drama. It always feels like a catastrophe is waiting to happen. So when they do things normally done by other K-drama couples it feels sadder. Like when they went to visit Dok-kyung’s parents to ask for her hand. It was supposed to be lighthearted but there’s this tinge of melancholia that turns on the tear-taps on one’s eyes.

Second Couple Syndrome

Unlike other K-dramas out there, the love triangle trope went to the second leads instead of the main leads. And it was a nice twist to the overly-used trope. It was a fight between the first love and the first kiss. The story Na Ji-na (Shin Do-hyun), Cha Joo-ik (Lee Soo-hyuk), and Lee Hyun-kyu (Kang Tae-oh) can be a standalone romance story with all its meet-cutes, reunions, and push and pulls. 

These young actors

Jung ji-so and Da Won shined in their role as Sonyeoshin and Tak Sun-kyung. One exudes mystery in her character while the other turned on his full-one charm as the younger brother of Do-kyung.

The Dialogues

The lines in DAYS feel like they were lifted out of a romance novel. Some might be considered trite but most of them are poetic enough to wreck someone’s heart or make them think about life.

“So are you saying you’re winter, darkness, and the end of everything? Hey, I like winter, I like the darkness of the night, and I like it when things end. If you think about it, spring, morning, and new beginnings also come because of you. It means you’re responsible for both my misery and happiness.”

Tak Dong-kyung, Doom At Your Service


“You’ll find out that there are worse things than death. That’s called life.”

Myul-mang, Doom At Your Service


Life Story Writers

If not for the CEO, Life Story is an interesting company to work for especially if you’ll deal with writers like Dalgona, Jung Dang-myun, and Young Prince

>>First Impression: Doom at Your Service

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