Dimpled Goddesses: Korean Actresses with Lovely Dimples

Dimpled Goddess: Korean Actress with Lovely Dimples

The greeks and the romans have been writing poems about women blessed by the deities with a perfect imperfection called gelasin – that indentation that appears in the cheek when someone smiles. And if the ancient poets are still alive today they would probably croon about these Korean actresses who graced our screen and capture our hearts with just one lovely smile.

If god is a woman

They are Aphrodites in disguise whose smile got us in a daze. Once they beamed you their doe eyes and dimpled smile, you’ll do anything to see it again (be it with an ahjussi joke or their house renovation). You would definitely stay for these Shins (god) no matter what.

The Han and only

You don’t need anyone, just these Hans and their charming smiles. You would wish you could walk hand-in-hand with them one spring night or catch snowflakes when winter comes.

Sweet Rookies

These rookies’ lovely smiles are sweeter than cookies because of their mouth corner dimples. You’ll always think that love is beautiful even if the weather is not fine.

Rising Actresses

Seeing them would make you wonder if they are an unworldly beings like a gumiho. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll surely run and hug them once they call you with their gorgeous dimpled smile.

All-time Faves

The whole universe will stop for them once they drop that glamorous gelasin and their classic smile that could stand the test of time. They would make you feel warm and cozy because they are all pretty.

Yoon Se-ah

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