Lee Dong-wook becomes a superhero in new drama with Wi Ha-joon, Han Ji-eun

Lee Dong-wook (Tale of the Nine Tailed), Wi Ha-joon (Squid Game), and Han Ji-eun (My Roommate is a Gumiho) are all confirmed to lead the newest tvN series “Bad and Crazy” (working title).

Bad and Crazy revolves around a materialistic police detective who becomes a superhero. Using a hidden persona named “K,” he stands up for justice and fights against corruption.

Lee Dong-wook plays Su-yeol, a superintendent of the Muui Provincial Police Agency. He is a snob detective who can throw away his face and pride for success, and is better at changing his stance than anyone else. His life takes a complete turn after “meeting” a mysterious persona named “K.”

Wi Ha-joon takes on the role of “K,” a righteous madman who has a strong sense of justice. He dreams of becoming the last hero of this generation.

Han Ji-eun will join the cast as Hee-gyeom, Su-yeol’s ex-girlfriend and a detective at the Muui Provincial Police Agency. She joins the anti-drug investigation unit because of her passion in fighting against the bad guys.

The drama will be a reunion project of The Uncanny Counter‘s PD Yoo Sun-dong and writer Kim Sae-bom.

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