Song Ji-eun, Choi Tae-joon confirmed for “His Voice”

Song Ji-eun (Melting Me Softly) and Choi Tae-joon (So I Married an Anti-Fan) are teaming up in the upcoming fantasy drama “His Voice” (literal title).

His Voice is a fantasy romance drama about a timid female protagonist who accidentally gains the ability to communicate with a cat.

Song Ji-eun will play the female lead Go Mi-rim, an average girl with an optimistic personality. She works part-time at a convenience store while looking for a full-time job. She agrees to take care of the cat owned by her crush, but she suddenly starts to hear the cat’s voice after being struck by lightning.

Choi Tae-joon takes on the role of Baek Tae-hwa, the cat’s owner and a co-pilot. He is described to be sweet and handsome, which makes women cry without meaning to. One day, the pet hotel he frequently checks in suddenly closes before his flight, which forces him to ask Go Mi-rim to be a temporary cat sitter.

This drama will be Choi Tae-joon’s official comeback project after being discharged from mandatory military service last May 2021.

The script will be written by Kim Kyung-hee (Eighteen, Twenty-Nine, Discovery of Love).

His Voice is classified as a mid-form drama (less than one-hour per episode) and is currently under discussion to air on online platforms. Filming begins this year and the drama is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022. 

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