K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Playlist 2 | Episode 11

Sometimes you need to realize you always have someone you can lean on.

Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 opens with Chae Song-hwa entering Lee Ik-jun’s office to leave her birthday gift on his table. She wrote a simple ‘happy birthday Lee Ik-jun’ on the note and leave only to come back a moment later because she forgot her bag. As if the universe is telling her to stay, Song-hwa, this time, had to go back again because she forgot her phone. Because she had to go back twice, Song-hwa took it as a sign to stay at the hospital and work on her papers. Only to find out later that the universe’s purpose is for her to be there once Ik-jun arrives, bleeding and hurt.

The Yulje doctor that got hurt from a robbery incident at Gangnam – as previewed from the previous episode – was indeed Ik-jun. He arrived in a stretcher with a neck brace and blood all over his shirt. According to witnesses, a rock was used to hit his head.

Song-hwa rushes to the Emergency Center to check on Ik-jun’s condition. Doctor Bong Gwang-hyeon had already did the initial checks but she let Song-hwa do it all over again. Song-hwa held his hand tightly and breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Ik-jun follow her command without a problem.

At the ICU, the rest of the Lacking Five looked at a sleeping Ik-jun with worried eyes. Song-hwa assures them that Ik-jun is recovering well although they had to monitor the bleeding for another day. Still not convinced, Ahn Jeong-won checks on Ik-jun’s condition too and Ik-jun had to assure them that his pupillary light reflex is intact and Andrea doesn’t need to use his penlight on him.

Outside the ICU, the Lacking Five holds a meeting and Song-hwa updates them about the robber who assaulted Ik-jun. The case has been taken care of by the police while the case is being taken care of Mr. Pyeon, the Ahn’s and the Yang’s family lawyer. Song-hwa informed Aunt Wang while Kim Jun-wan would inform Ik-jun’s sister about the incident. Jeong-won, meanwhile, together with the other GS professors handled Ik-jun’s surgery schedules with Chief Kwon Sun-jeong taking over some of his surgeries. Seok-hyeong then suggests taking turns taking care of Ik-jun but Song-hwa insists she can handle it herself. She adds, “I want to stay by his side.”

Flashback to May of 1999 and we see Song-hwa happily wrapping her gift for Ik-jun – a red ballcap similar to her gift in the present timeline. Song-hwa then rushes to Seok-hyeong’s basement and nervously approaches Ik-jun. She asks Ik-jun to have dinner with her. 20-year-old Ik-jun informed her that he had a plan already – a blind date. Song-hwa insisted but Ik-jun was adamant in rejecting her offer. Song-hwa left the basement in tears with Ik-jun following her with a longing gaze. (My take on this is that Song-hwa took it as a sign that a blind date is more important to Ik-jun than spending time with her. Urgh, I’m quite annoyed at 20-year-old Ik-jun and he really deserve that gobaek hajima at the start of the season. I totally understand now why 40-year-old Song-hwa would be so guarded with her heart).

The next day at their shared apartment, Jun-wan calls Lee Ik-sun and informs her about the incident. He repeatedly assures her that her brother’s condition is not that serious. Ik-sun informs him that she would be in Seoul once she gets her leave approval. Jun-wan, for one more time, assures her that Ik-jun is doing well already and that she could take her time. Ik-sun insisted and Jun-wan then realized it would be better if Ik-sun can stay with him during the day since his friends can’t do that. After the phone call, Jeong-won comments that he didn’t know Jun-wan and Ik-sun are close. Jun-wan mumbles that they are indeed close since she is his friend’s sister.

At the outpatient clinic, Song-hwa informs patient An Sang-mo about his meningioma condition. She explained that it is a benign tumor and is not as worrisome as cancer. Despite her assurance, the patient is still worried about his condition.

On the sixth floor, Jun-wan sees Jae-hak in the elevator. He asks him for lunch and Jae-hak excitedly asks him back if he would like to join him and his wife for lunch. Jae-hak’s wife has an appointment at the OB/GYN and he is headed to the cafeteria for their lunch. Jun-wan, of course, declined but Jae-hak is worried he’ll eat alone again. He dismisses him and then reminds Jae-hak that he should start taking appointments already since he is a second-year fellow now. Jae-hak, however, declined the offer, saying he’s fine not taking appointments yet.

After getting a text from Chu Min-ha, Jang Gyeo-ul leaves the HPB ward nurse’s station and joins Min-ha at the center garden for some “venting time.” While Min-ha drinks her iced coffee and Gyeo-ul her hot latte, the OB/GYN resident “vents” out her concern about their first-year residents. One of them is way too comfortable at work while the other one is still having a hard time.

Meet Seo Yoon-hee, a hardworking and smart resident. According to Min-ha, she’s a true asset – something that is rare to see this day. There’s a catch though – she talks in banmal. Flashback to their earlier conversation where Yoon-hee answers Min-ha with 응 (eung) while dropping the jondaemal suffixes in every sentence she uttered. Gyeo-ul concludes that it is a speech habit and she has met people like that before. Min-hae says she can’t do anything about it because she knows that Yoon-hee means well and she’s still a good kid despite it. 

The second resident is Kim Eun-mi, an introvert whose parents are in OB/GYN too but she later realized that she’s better suited for studying and writing papers than treating a patient. Min-ha is worried that she’d really quit next year. She comments Eun-mi is also a good kid despite being anti-social.

When Gyeo-ul asks Min-ha to join her for a movie date next weekend, Min-ha excitedly informs her that she is going on a date this weekend. Without dropping the date’s name, Gyeo-ul instantly knew who it is and Min-ha dances in joy because her dream is finally coming true. *cue: S.E.S’ Dreams Come True*

Holding each other’s hand, Jae-hak and his wife listen to Yang Seok-hyeong as he updates them about their baby’s condition. He informs them that the baby is doing well so Hyo-ju should focus on her health instead. Jae-hak expresses his gratitude to Seok-hyeong and the professor beat him in saying, he should buy him dinner next time.

While having dinner in Yangpyeong, meanwhile, is Chairman Ju Jong-su and Jeong Ro-sa. Jong-su informs his friend that Geun-tae is back but he heard it through his other son, Tae-ung because his eldest still doesn’t contact him. He then wonders if he should have just given him the money so he could see his son. Ro-sa, sensing Jong-su’s sadness, offers to get a bottle of soju.

The next day in Yulje, Ik-jun wakes up and finds Ik-sun by his bedside. The Lee siblings share a meal together. Ik-sun says she will eventually inform their parents once they arrive from their trip to Europe. She also suggested going back to Changwon while he’s recovering (a piece of advice similar to what Ik-jun told her a year ago). Ik-sun also tells him that she explained everything to U-ju and his nephew understand the situation clearly. She adds that Ik-jun misses U-ju anyway. Jun-wan then arrives and awkward exchange of pleasantries occurred. He then asks for Song-hwa and Ik-jun answers she’s probably swamped with work because he’s not there to nag her.

Yong Seok-min then catches Song-hwa in the hallway. He informs her of the result of his CT angiogram and it shows the patient has an unruptured ophthalmic artery aneurysm – a condition they need to treat first before they could take the tumor out because of the aneurysm, which could be fatal if it ruptures during the treatment.

At another NS surgery, resident Choi Seong-yeong made a small mistake while giving a tool to Professor Min Gi-jun. The terror NS doctor scolded the tired resident and went on to his usual preaching. Heo Seon-bin witnesses the incident.

Back at Ik-jun’s room, Ik-sun asks him why Jun-wan was sleeping soundly on the sofa. Ik-jun informs her that Jun-wan couldn’t get any sleep because of work. Jun-wan then wakes up with a call from Jae-hak. He informs Jae-hak he’d be there after getting coffee at the second-floor café. Hearing this, Ik-jun sends Ik-sun on an errand at the same café (I see what you did there Ik-jun!). He asks for cake and coffee for the nurses at his ward, knowing that Jun-wan would pay for his order (haha). 

Inside her office, Song-hwa studies patient An Sang-mo’s condition. She explains the update to the patient and his wife; informing them that the treatment could result in vision loss because the aneurysm is near his ophthalmic nerve. Despite the assurance that they would do their best to avoid such extreme results, the patient refuse to get the treatment. The NS doctors left the couple and Seok-min airs his sentiment, saying he shouldn’t leave his aneurysm untreated. Song-hwa says she understands the patient since he received one bad news after another. She tells Seok-min to check on the patient often and explain it better later.

At the NS Medical Office, Seong-yeong inhales his fastfood meal, frustrated about Prof. Min’s scolding. Seon-bin advises him to just think about the scolding as “auto-completed” sentences. Apparently, Seong-yeong is only at Prof. Min’s scolding stage 1. Seok-min shares his own experience with Prof. Min, saying he could say worst and everyone hears it from him. Seong-yeong assures his senior that he is not quitting because he looks forward to assisting Prof. Chae Song-hwa next week. Seon-bin warns him that Song-hwa can give him an earful too but Seong-yeong said that at least, Song-hwa doesn’t react emotionally. Seon-bin agrees that Song-hwa’s “scolding” makes you want to reflect and study harder instead. A tired Jang Yun-bok (yes the niece of Na PD, uhm I mean, Jang PD) joins them with Seong-yeong giving her a burger (I want to ship them badly but I can hear Seon-bin’s advice in my ear).

Later that night, Song-hwa and Ik-jun look at each other with serious expressions. Turns out the two are playing cards. Song-hwa couldn’t tell when Ik-jun is telling a lie and eventually fell on his trick (Just like what happened in 1999 eh?).

The romantic-not-romantic scene is what Ik-sun witnesses upon entering her brother’s room. She silently walks out of the room. Jun-wan sees her outside and Ik-sun asks him when did the two started dating. Jun-wan says she got it wrong. He enters the room and he sees the two laughing together, finally realizing Ik-sun is quite right – they do look lovey-dovey.

A few minutes later, U-ju comes running to his dad. He instantly burst into tears and hugs Ik-jun tightly. Aunt Wang informs Ik-jun that U-ju never once brought up how much he missed his dad at home but apparently, U-ju is just holding it in. Ik-jun assures his universe that he’s totally fine now. (darn, I didn’t cry seeing Ik-jun at the stretcher but I was transported to tears town after seeing U-ju cry like that.) 

After his family including Song-hwa went home, it was Seok-hyeong’s turn to stay at Ik-jun’s side. Ik-jun, who is trying to fall asleep, asks about uri Chuchu. Seok-hyeong, very casually, informs him that they would go out on the weekend. That made Ik-jun sat up. Ik-jun tries to offer his cupid service to Seok-hyeong but his potential client rejects his offer, saying Ik-jun would help him by getting some sleep.

At Yangpyeong that weekend, Jeong-won helps her mother fold some laundry (and here I thought, he couldn’t be more perfect). Ro-sa then brings up marriage and asks him why he hasn’t proposed to Jang Gyeo-ul since they have been dating for a while now. Jeong-won took it as a sign to inform Ro-sa about why he hasn’t proceeded with his plan yet. Upon hearing Gyeo-ul’s situation, Ro-sa exclaims her shock, saying it indeed bothers her but she knows that it wasn’t Gyeo-ul’s fault. Very similar to what Jeong-won told Gyeo-ul, Ro-sa says she is proud of Gyeo-ul for growing up as a fine woman despite her situation, and at the same time, she feels sorry for her. Jeong-won then says Ro-sa can take good care of her later on – give her the rings, necklace, and plates she collected for her daughter-in-law. Hearing that, Ro-sa concluded that her son is head over heels for Gyeo-ul. Ro-sa then asks Jeong-won about Seok-hyeong’s supposed plan to move to the US and his mother is worried about it. Jeong-won says he hadn’t heard such a plan and he’s quite sure it’s not happening because Seok-hyeong should have told them already. Ro-sa tells Jeong-won to ask him about it. She also then tells her son to fix his own dinner because she will watch a movie with Jong-su.

On their way to the movie house, Min-ha admits she couldn’t eat well during their dinner because she’s quite nervous about it. Seok-hyeong is amazed at how honest Min-ha could be. Min-ha looks so happy the whole time as Seok-hyeong keeps on doing things that only happens on a date: asking if she’s cold inside the car, moving the armrest between them, gives her the popcorn, and whispers closely in her ear (I could hear Min-ha’s loud heartbeat from the other side of the screen!!!). 

After the movie, Seok-hyeong says hi to Ro-sa and Chairman Ju. Ro-sa then inquired if the two is on a date and Seok-hyeong didn’t even wait for a beat and nodded. His yes has shocked Min-ha. The elders then went on with Ro-sa wondering if she has seen Min-ha somewhere. Before she remembers that they had an incident at the cafeteria with Seok-hyeong’s mom, Chairman Ju tells her that she’s probably working in Yulje if she looks that familiar. 

The next work week in Yulje, Jeong-won sees Seok-hyeong at the elevator and Jeong-won immediately asks about his supposed US plans. Continuing their conversation at the center garden, Seok-hyeong tells Jeong-won to tell his mom that he’s going to the US. Proving Jeong-won’s hunch correct, Seok-hyeong informs Jeong-won that he’s not really leaving for the US but Jeong-won should keep it a secret. When probed why, Seok-hyeong assures Jeong-won he would tell him everything later. 

At the lobby, Seok-min and Song-hwa meet patient Du-na’s mother. She looks tired but she assures the doctor that she can stay by her daughter’s side. Seok-min asks if Du-na is taking it out on her mother. She confirms it but she says she understands her daughter’s frustration. She tells the two that her daughter is a great dancer and loves to sing as well. Later in the ward, the young lady gets frustrated with her poor speech and motor skills. 

Meanwhile, at the elevator, Seok-min and Song-hwa are on their way to talk to patient An Sang-mo. There, with them is Jang Hong-do who looks so sleep-deprived. Jun-wan joins them and quizzes the poor resident (I miss their interaction! Hong-do should really pick CS).

Arriving on the seventh floor, Seok-min and Song-hwa talk to patient An Sang-mo and his wife. He is now ready to receive treatment for his aneurysm. The wife expresses her gratitude to Seok-min who, the night before, explained the procedure to them clearly; telling them their options and possible risks. Song-hwa praises her resident, saying his biggest strength is the way he always strives to be perfect (and yes, it’s a compliment haha). She adds that Seok-min is on his way to become the biggest villain in Yulje (lol, can someone explain the real meaning of villain to Song-hwa now?). 

At the OB/GYN ward, Min-ha has to handle Yeon Ho-jeong, a patient with a wound problem. Even if she doesn’t have any previous information about Dr. Myeong’s patient, Min-ha faces the patient’s frustrated family. Good thing, the well-experienced resident handled the situation and appeases the family. But it still frustrated Min-ha that she needed to go out to the center garden and get some fresh air. She then receives a call from Seok-hyeong asking her if she already ate dinner. She then informs him she hasn’t yet and she’s craving some meat. Seok-hyeong simply said ‘okay’ and ended the call, leaving Min-ha confused about the nature of such phone call.

At Ik-jun’s room, the food warriors are devouring the samgyupsal already while the Seoul boys stare at them in disbelief. Ik-jun joins them and wonders why their order seems to be incomplete. Seok-hyeong silently stops Ik-jun from checking the receipt because it turns out the missing meat has been delivered to another floor. Min-ha and nurse Han Seung-ju share a meal together and Min-ha tries to invite Eun-mi but the latter rejected her offer.

The next day, Ik-jun is preparing for his discharge when he notices Song-hwa worrying about her patient. She shares that she’s worried as she hasn’t handled such a case before. She then gives an additional reminder to Ik-jun who is on his way to Changwon for his two-week recovery leave.

In the operation room, Song-hwa leads the coil embolization procedure for patient An Sang-mo. Seok-min and Seong-yeong assisted her. The procedure went well and there’s no sign that it affected the patient’s vision.

Song-hwa immediately calls Ik-jun to inform him about the surgery’s result. Much to her surprise, she found her friend waiting for her inside her office. He explains that he can’t leave after seeing her worried face. 

Meanwhile, Seok-hyeong walks Min-ha home. Min-ha thinks it is the right time to ask about their “label.” She bravely asks him why he hasn’t confessed yet because if he will, she will immediately say yes. She tries to confirm if they are really seeing each other because Seok-hyeong hasn’t asked him to be his girlfriend and she might just be assuming things. Their conversation went on like this:

Seok-hyeong: What if I’m not a good person? You’re quite reckless, I must say.
Min-ha: If that’s the case, it is what it is. I’ll just blame my fate. But gyosunim, you know I’m a good person. I’m actually a better person than you you think I am, so you don’t need to worry about me. We are seeing each other, right? You have feelings for me, right?
Seok-hyeong: Do I have to say it?
Min-ha: incessantly nods
Seok-hyeong: I like you. I like you too. So you can stop confessing your feelings now.
Seok-hyeong then gives Min-ha a warm and assuring hug.

At Yulje the next day, Jeong-won is on the phone with Gyeo-ul, who informs him that resident Kim Geon has gone AWOL. Overhearing the conversation, Jun-wan butts in and concludes that someone has probably picked on him. And the only suspect he has is a professor since there are no senior residents to do that. Jeong-won thinks over it with a face that shows he’s not quite sold about Jun-wan’s assumption.

In the operation room, Seon-bin and Seong-yeong assist Song-hwa during the surgery. The NS professor compliments Seon-bin and Seong-yeong for doing a good job during the procedure. Seong-yeong then tells Seon-bin that he’s willing to toil the soil if Song-hwa decides to move to another nation.

The OB/GYN team, meanwhile, holds a meeting about their patients. Eun-mi tries to inform Seok-hyeong about the patients he handles but she does it with a quiet voice. 

Inside the GS Medical Office, resident Hwang Ji-woo informs Gyeo-ul the reason why Kim Geon suddenly went MIA. Ji-woo says Kim Geon has been under stress and recently lost a patient which led to him questioning if he is suited in the medical field. Ji-woo then assures Gyeo-ul that she’s sure Kim Geon will come back after a day. She adds that she and the other resident can cover for him for a while.

Back at the OB/GYN, Nurse Han informs Min-ha that Jung Si-eun looks like she’s going to labor. The team immediately proceeded to the delivery room. With Seok-hyeong’s help, patient Jung Si-eun did her best to deliver the baby safely. Once the baby was out, Seok-hyeong discovered that the cause of the sudden drop in the baby’s heartbeat was a triple nuchal cord. Everyone was tense while waiting for the baby’s cry and once he did, everyone congratulated patient Jung. Resident Eun-mi bursts into tears upon witnessing such a miracle.

At the center garden, Seok-hyeong shares what happened to Jun-wan, mentioning it’s not that super rare. Jun-wan, feeling the chilly air, is surprised to feel someone else’s coat being drape over his shoulder. Turns out it is Jae-hak, sacrificing his coat for his beloved professor.

At the other side of the center garden, Gyeo-ul shares Kim Geon’s reason to Jeong-won. Jeong-won asks Gyeo-ul to tell resident Ji-woo to call Kim Geon and assures him that he can go back to work and Jeong-won would handle the rest. Noticing the chilly air, Jeong-won offers his coat only to take it back as Gyeo-ul sees Professor Lee Ji-hoon and Hwang Bae-jin entering the garden. Prof. Lee and Prof. Hwang remind Jeong-won to stop nagging Gyeo-ul (at this point, their jobs are really at peril).

Inside the OB/GYN Medical Office, Eun-mi couldn’t stop talking about the euphoric moment she experienced at the delivery room. The rest of the OB/GYN team couldn’t stop her from talking. 

The next day, Kim Geon shyly comes back to work. Prof. Lee comments that he should have partied hard for at least a week before coming back. Jeong-won then interrupts and told everyone that he practically begged the resident to go back to work so they should stop teasing Kim Geon already. 

With Ik-jun wearing Song-hwa’s gift, Mido and Falasol play their rendition of Lee Juck’s Run Across the Sky.

Flashback to a day before in Yulje, Jeong-won and Kim Geon is conversing at the center garden. The resident shares with his professor what happened to him that he suddenly decided to leave. Apparently, Kim Geon experienced the highs and lows of being a doctor through one patient. He says patient Sun Chun-sik thanked him before he was discharged but then later, the patient came back with another condition. This time, the patient didn’t survive. Kim Geon had to deliver the tragic news to his family and that made him question whether he’s really right for the job. Jeong-won assures him that he did his best already and what happened is beyond his powers anymore. (I just want to emphasize how Jeong-won has finally accepted this fact after every emotional breakdown he has because of a patient last season. I love this character development.)

At the NS Medical Office, meanwhile, Seong-yeong asks Seon-bin how she survived her days as a first-year resident. She tells them it’s because she had someone to rely on. Seong-yeong and Yun-bok assume it’s Seok-min but, turned out he actually made his fellow residents suffer instead. Seon-bin is actually talking about another resident – Ahn Chi-hong! She reminisce about the days they shared their tasks during their night shift, saying two hands are probably better than one. 

At the OB/GYN office, Min-ha gives some advice to Yoon-he. She explains that she understands her talking banmal to her but other doctors might get the wrong idea so she better stick to jondaemal. In GS Medical Office, Kim Geon arrives and offers to take Ji-woo’s weekend duty.

After Mido and Falasol’s band practice, Ik-jun drives Song-hwa home. While on the road, they stopped over for a while to grab some coffee and watch the pouring rain. Song-hwa then decides to tell Ik-jun an important truth:

Song-hwa: Do you know what was the first thought that crossed my mind when I heard you were attacked? “I should have told him that I like him. I really should have told him that.” That was the first thought that popped into my mind. So with that said, if your feelings for me haven’t changed, how about we start seeing each other?
Ik-jun: I’ll give you my answer.

And Ik-jun answers her confession with a kiss. A kiss that is 20 years in the making!!!

Maknae’s Verdict

It’s indeed the penultimate episode as we finally see our favorite doctors taking big leaps in their personal lives. And I’m glad that it wasn’t just them who realizes that it feels better to have someone you can lean on. That “someone” can come in many forms – your colleagues, your friends, your family, or even your romantic partner.

In this episode, we’ve seen precious Yulje residents and interns struggle as May comes in and the professors stop being lenient to them. Kim Geon went MIA but his fellow GS resident understood why he did that. Instead of getting annoyed, they covered his task even without their seniors ordering them. Seong-yeong, meanwhile, was having a hard time with Prof. Min but sharing a meal with his NS fam comforts him already. Seon-bin, on the other hand, shares how her fellow resident did the same during her first year as a resident. All of these side stories were heartwarming because they showed that everyone in Yulje has someone they can depend on. They have each other’s back no matter what.

Speaking of dependable friends, Jong-su and Ro-sa have such a relationship. They knew exactly what one needs. When Ro-sa was troubled by her health condition, Jong-su was there for her. And now that Jong-su is in distress, Ro-sa is there with him too. Their relationship really serves as a good comparison point to their younger counterparts. Min-ha and Gyeo-ul have the same kind of relationship. When Gyeo-ul was troubled, Min-ha was there for her. And every time Min-ha needs to vent out about anything, Gyeo-ul is willing to listen. So I love it that Gyeo-ul was so happy for Min-ha when she shared the news of her and Seok-hyeong’s date. I think I also dance in joy with her.

Min-ha – our hardworking Min-ha – finally receives an answer to her persistent confessions to Seok-hyeong. Rejections and other things didn’t stop her so she really deserve that hug from Seok-hyeong. It was a dream come true for her and for us who also supported her all the way. I’m so proud of uri Chu Min-ha. Her hard work and persistence paid off. Can I also just give my wholehearted appreciation for how that scene was written. It was simple yet so romantic. It’s very Seok-hyeong and very Min-ha. And I’m also glad it happened in this episode. Because clearly, Seok-hyeong has been mulling over his feelings for Min-ha for a while now. He didn’t rush things out. He made sure he asked her out at the right time – when he’s ready to give his heart again to someone. I’m very much curious, however, about Seok-hyeong’s plan. Why does he have to lie to his mom? I’m not questioning his actions but I couldn’t quite connect that lie to his current relationship status. What’s your plan, Seokhyeong-ah~?

If we’re talking about the right timing, fate finally gives one to Ik-jun and Song-hwa. They finally decided to leave the friend zone and step into new territory. And I’m glad I didn’t have to wait for a year to see romantically dating IkSong (side-eyeing WinterGarden for making me wait for a year but now that I think about it, the wait is actually worth it.) Our assumption about Song-hwa realizing his feelings for Ik-jun was real. And the accident was just a plot device to make Song-hwa realize she doesn’t have all the time in the world and she could miss her timing once again. This time though there are no more hesitations. No more next time. Both of them are now ready to face their feelings; feelings they’ve tried to bury in their 20s. The kiss also made me forgive Ik-jun for breaking Song-hwa’s heart in the past (haha). I’m so ready to see them go full-on romantic next week.

What I’m not ready for is to say goodbye to Hospital Playlist. It feels like they’re wrapping up the series because everything is falling into its carefully planned “plot places”. But the endings could also be new beginnings, right? Announce season 3 already!!!


-There’s not a lot of scene with Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul in this episode but my heart melted upong hearing Jeong-won says they are doing better than ever. “Things are even better between us now,” are his exact words. And I’m just so proud of my wintergarden babies. They survive the hurdle together and they are now stronger than ever. * insert Snow Patrol crooning this line from Chasing Cars “Just know that these things will never change for us at all.*

-this is one of my favorite scene this season

-You can read my old article about Levels of speech here.

-Min-ha knows the choreography for this haha.

-this is the ID picture Ik-sun asks about. She noticed it’s a new ID pic!!!

-the Ahjumma in me is curious about Ro-sa’s plate collection. It probably looks exquisite.

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