First Impression: One The Woman

Drama Profile

Title: One The Woman
Main Cast: Lee Honey, Lee Sang-yoon, Jin Seo-yeon
Writer: Kim Yoon
PD: Choi Hyeong-hoon (Good Casting, High Society)
Timeslot: Friday and Saturday 22:00-23:10
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic comedy

Plot Synopsis:

A rogue prosecutor loses her memory in a car accident and lives as the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family.

Major Trope: Identity Amnesia, Forgotten First Love, Fish Out of Water

Grumpy’s First Impression

As expected from the wonder woman herself, Lee Honey carried the entire drama through her comedic timing and convincing performance! I was a bit worried at first that this would look like a spin-off of The Fiery Priest character because she’s playing another corrupt prosecutor, but I’m glad that it’s a different set-up with just a sprinkle of her old character’s personality – wacky, ingenious, and goddess! Overall, it’s another comedy series to perfectly close the year and I can’t wait to watch for more!

There are two Lee Honey’s here: richie rich Kang Mi-na and gangster prosecutor Jo Yeon-joo. We are first introduced to Yeon-joo – born into poverty and now works as one of the top prosecutors in Seoul. She’s always ready to take bribes and widen her connections as much as possible. She knows everyone’s dirty little secrets and uses them to her advantage. But we also saw another side of Yeon-joo that’s more vulnerable – her youth days when she and her grandma were still struggling. I’m not sure how this will affect Yeon-joo later on but as we all know, because of an accident while chasing a suspect, she loses her memory and ends up living as Kang Mi-na. I will bet on my makjang reputation that they are long lost sisters separated at birth! 😂 JK

Kang Mi-na is a daughter-in-law of the Han family who owns the Hanju Group. She is married to the second son and is treated as a mere nobody in their household. Mi-na is born out of wedlock, which causes the maltreatment of her in-laws. They look down on her and Mi-na just accepts every single blow without retaliation. It’s frustrating to watch her serve the in-laws without objection. But on the day the entire family leaves for Jeju, Mi-na has apparently set up a secret plan to leave the house. She left without any trace, and coincidentally, her entire family, who owns a hotel chain by the way, also perished in a plane crash. I know it sounds disturbing in writing because it is, but yeah, long story short, Mi-na who is now gone missing, became an heiress overnight.

The first two episodes set the plot for Yeon-joo to stand in as Mi-na. The comedy starts with Yeon-joo officially (and unknowingly) joining the Han household. She’s got amnesia, but her personality remains intact – which is the total opposite of Mi-na’s demeanor! My jaw hurts the entire time Yeon-joo speaks up against everyone!

Grumpy Alley

💎 I know it’s too early to tell but the drama wants us to believe that Han Seung-wook’s (Lee Sang-yoon) first love was Mi-na when it’s obviously Yeon-joo, right?

💎 But yes, Seung-wook did fall in love with Mi-na, too, because he thought she’s the one he met at the hospital.

💎 And also, I already joined the Yeon-joo x Seung-wook the moment he asked him if she was okay… ❤ But the peanut scene was cute, too! ^_^

💎 I want more chaos inside the Han household!! Best scene was when Yeon-joo gossiped in Vietnamese with the housemaid Trang in front of her monster mom-in-law!

💎 Where is Mi-na, really?

💎 Can we see more of Prosecutor An Yoo-Joon (Lee Won-geun)? He should be searching everywhere for his sunbae!

💎 BEST EPILOGUE EVER! The Fiery Priest x Extreme Job x One The Woman triple crossover!! I was screaming when Father Michael (Kim Nam-gil) appeared on screen! Give me The Fiery Priest Season 2 jeeebbbaaaaalllll!!!!!!!!!!

Honey Lee, Lee Sang-yoon to star in new SBS drama

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