Movie Review: Tune In For Love (2019)

Can you truly trust someone you only met a moment ago, especially if you don’t know anything about their backstory? Would you welcome them into your life and let someone you don’t know struck your world? Can you be fixed by a broken person or should I say, can you fix someone even if you’re broken yourself? How long would you be willing to wait for love? Is your patience enough for the things that are meant for you? Can your love stay for years when you are separated? 

It all started in the late 1990s with a regular broadcasting station in South Korea. It’s incredible how a person may be linked to you simply by listening to a radio station that broadcasts various types of songs, tales, and news. It’s amusing how people with diverse backgrounds listen to the same transmitting radio station, in whatever good bad or good situation they’re in. Perhaps fate has already brought them together because they have the potential to mend each other’s wounded souls, even if it is impossible. Would you still return to each other’s embrace if life already separated you? Circumstances caused them to leave each other, as in the movie “Tune in for Love,” but perhaps they are truly for one other’s arms because fate continues to toy with them. They each have a bleak history, yet with one other’s embrace, they are free and whole. The world is undoubtedly cruel, but can you overcome it with love and patience? They continue to meet in the most unexpected of circumstances. 

The plot revolves around two people, Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in) and Mi-su (Kim Go-eun), who both have damaged souls and a bleak past that simply let the wind carry their day away. When things are going so well for both of them, fate tests their relationship and just breaks the bliss they have for a small moment. We all want someone to be there for us, especially during difficult times, but what if they are also the cause of our suffering? In the film, both Hyun-woo and Mi-su attempted to decide their fate and waited for each other to be free and stable so they could be together, but there are indications that this is not the scenario.

The tale progresses in such a way that they keep bumping into one other, but Hyun-woo and Mi-su are still trapped with the concept that they cannot be together and that everything is only temporary. They both believed in love and waited for the right time to be with each other. The past is something one can’t truly fight for if you can’t accept it, and in the movie, Hyun-woo wants his history to be concealed from Mi-su because he believes that if she learns about it, their relationship would go to waste. I understand Hyun-woo’s feelings on this, and we cannot ignore him since he is still at the stage of accepting his past, but Mi-su simply wants to aid him because she cannot bear seeing him dwelling in own scars. The story revolved around how both Hyun-woo and Mi-su trusted the love they had for each other but the open ending gave us a glimpse that they’ll be okay with each other’s arms in this unforgiving world.

If you enjoy slow-burn melodramas, this movie is a good recommendation. If you want a story with no mind-blowing premise and a sweet love tale, Tune in for Love is an excellent choice. You’ll appreciate how patient they are with one another and with love. The characters presented the narrative successfully because they acted as they should. They communicated the emotions required for us, the audience, to comprehend the story’s true message. Your emotions and trust in the two lovebirds will be challenged as well, since if you lack patience, you may become frustrated while watching the film.

Tune in for Love also tackled a variety of life lessons – like the importance of trusting in each other’s love. If they did not trust each other, their love would be wasted. Hyun-woo and Mi-su promised each other that they will be in one other’s arms one day, and they did. Another takeaway from the movie is that your history does not define who you are or what you will do in the future. If you let your past define you for the rest of your life, you will never experience the real happiness that everyone deserves. Hyun-woo was so reliant on his history that he constantly convinced himself that whatever wonderful that happened to him was not what he deserved. And the last one is patience – if you are not patient enough for the things that are meant for you, they will not come to pass. Mi-su is patient with Hyun-woo since she knows they are still not in the right place at the right time to be together.

The various mindsets of the secondary characters also affected the tale. The portion of the story that stood out to me was when Hyun-woo stated that a stranger believes in his skills rather than people who are a part of his life, such as his family. I like how the film emphasized not just love but also the relationships that each character had.

I’ll leave the statement from the movie that sticks with me, “not all miracles are that significant” – it’s a constant struggle to find one’s self-worth, and we should all learn to filter what helps us move forward, and what keeps us from our goals. Love comes to those who wait – as Hyun-woo and Mi-su repeatedly tried to prove.

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