In Spotlight: Ahn Hyo-seop Filmography

The future of K-dramas is bright with the new generation of leading men gracing our screens in the recent years. And at such an early time in his career, our latest In Spotlight star already has a Baeksang acting award under his belt.

At seven, Ahn Hyo-seop’s family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. At 17, moved back to Seoul after getting scouted by JYP Entertainment to train as part of GOT7. He then took up International Business Studies at Kookmin University. In 2015, he debuted with the four-member project group One O One (원오원) which consists of actors under Starhaus Entertainment.

Since then, he has been active in the limelight with numerous acting projects, modeling gigs, and product endorsements. Ahjummamshies, let’s take a look at the impressive filmography of our featured K-star, Ahn Hyo-seop!

Splash Splash Love (MBC / 2015) – Park Yeon / Che Ah-jin

He made his acting debut in the time-slip fantasy short Splash Splash Love, a story about a normal high school student who, after some brief exposition, ends up thrown into the Joseon era. The drama even got nominations from the 44th International Emmy Awards and 11th Seoul International Drama Awards!

One More Happy Ending (MBC / 2016) – Ahn Jung-woo

He started gaining popularity after playing Ahn Jung-woo in One More Happy Ending, where he had an adorable noona romance with Yoo In-na.

Happy Home (MBC / 2016) – Choi Cheol-soo / Kang Joon-young

He stayed with MBC for a while through the weekend drama Happy Home in 2016.

Entertainer (SBS / 2016) – Ji-noo

He starred in the 2016 SBS drama #Entertainer as Ji-noo, the leader of boyband “Jackson” formed by Ji Sung’s character.

Queen of Ring (MBC / 2017) – Park Se-gun

He reunited with his Splash Splash Love co-star Kim Seul-gi in the 2017 MBC-Naver fantasy romance Queen Of The Ring.

My Father is Strange (KBS2 / 2017) – Park Cheol-soo

He pursued Ryu Hwa-young in the 2017 KBS hit family drama My Father is Strange.

Still 17 (SBS / 2018) – Yoo Chan

He popularized the phrase “Don’t think, feel!” as he charmed us in the 2018 series Still 17 as Yoo Chan. He also showed great chemistry with the leads Shin Hae-sun and Yang Se-jong as well as the other cast members Ye Ji-won, Jo Hyun-sik, and Lee Do-hyun.

Top Management (Youtube Premium (Red) / 2018) – Hyun Soo-yong

He led the Youtube Premium series Top Management in 2018 as the genius singer-songwriter and YouTube star named Soo-yong from Mongolia, who was a member of a rising idol group called S.O.U.L.

Abyss (tvN / 2019) – Cha Min

In 2019, he and Park Bo-young made a lot of hearts pit-a-pat in the fantasy series Abyss. He played the reincarnated version of Cha Min, a cosmetics company chaebol who has been friends with Go Se-yeon (Park Bo-young’s character) since childhood.

Dr. Romantic 2 (SBS / 2020) – Seo Woo-Jin

He lit up the hallways of Doldam Hospital as he played the role of Seo Woo-jin and starred opposite Lee Sung-kyung in the second season of Dr. Romantic. His portrayal also gave him the Best New Actor Award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Lovers of the Red Sky (SBS / 2021) – Ha Ram

He painted the night-sky a lovely shade of red with his portrayal of blind astrologer Ha Ram in historical fantasy series Lovers of the Red Sky.

The Office Blind Date (SBS / 2022) – Kang Tae-mu

He will soon bring to life webtoon character Kang Tae-mu in the TV adaptation of The Office Blind Date, which is set to premiere on 2022.

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