Bae Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Joon-han, Park Ye-young confirmed for new Coupang Play drama

Bae Suzy (Start Up), Jung Eun-chae (Pachinko), Kim Joon-han (Hospital Playlist), and Park Ye-young (Hometown Cha Cha Cha) will appear on Coupang Play’s new series “Anna” (literal title).

Previously called The Second Anna, Anna was originally planned to be a film, but it will now be an eight-episode drama. It tells the story of a woman who starts living a completely different life by telling a small lie.

Bae Suzy will take on the titular role of Anna, a woman who tells a small lie and ends up living someone else’s life.

Jung Eun-chae will join the drama as Hyun-joo, a woman who enjoys a superior life without consideration for others or malicious intent. She will form a subtle tension with Suzy’s character Yu-mi. 

Kim Joon-han takes the role of Yu-mi’s husband Ji-hoon, who pursue a goal-oriented life with extraordinary ambitions. Lastly, Park Ye-young has been cast as Yu-mi’s senior Ji-won, one of the few persons that Yu-mi trusts.

Producing director Lee Joo-young (Single Rider) will be in-charge of directing and writing the script. 

Anna is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

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