Golden Child’s Bomin, Shim Dal-gi, PENTAGON’s Hongseok cast in new KakaoTV drama

Upcoming KakaoTV original drama “Shadow Beauty” (literal title) has confirmed the casting of Golden Child’s Choi Bomin (18 Again), Shim Dal-gi (The School Nurse Files), PENTAGON’s Hongseok (The Best Chicken).

Based on the webtoon of the same name by Ah Heum, Shadow Beauty is a story about the double life of Goo Ae-jin, a girl who is bullied at school and lives as a gorgeous SNS star named “Genie/Jini” at home.

Shim Dal-gi will lead the drama as Goo Ae-jin, a bullied student who is also a famous online influencer who exaggerates her social media posts through excessive filters and makeup.

Bomin will play the role of Kim Ho-in, the class president who appears to be a model student but hides a secret to himself. He will find out about Goo Ae-jin’s secret and will form an unusual alliance with her.

Hongseok takes on the role of idol trainee Lee Jin-sung, who protects Goo Ae-jin against those who makes fun of her appearance at school, even though he himself doesn’t go along well with their peers because of his idol trainee background.

Shadow Beauty will reportedly consist of 13 total episodes with 20 minutes each. It will premiere on KakaoTV in the last quarter of 2021.

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