First Impression: Work Later, Drink Now

Drama Profile

Title: Work Later, Drink Now (English title) / Drunk City Women (literal title)
Main Cast: Jung Eun-ji, Han Sun-hwa, Lee Sun-bin, Choi Si-won
Writer: Wi So-young
PD: Kim Jung-sik
Timeslot: Friday 16:00
Network: TVING
Episodes: 16
Genre: Comedy

Plot Synopsis:

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Work Later, Drink Now is a drama about the life of three women in their 30s, whose belief is to drink after work. (Hancinema)

Grumpy’s First Impression

Trio means trouble for our newest web drama this season! Just by watching the promos for Work Later, Drink Now, I always knew this would be my kind of drama. It’s that show you watch with your best friends and choose which character fits your personality the most. And while the themes depicted in the drama are more geared towards the mature audience, I feel like it will still capture the humor of the general public, especially in the slice of life scenes. And did I mention it’s my kind of drama? Because it is!

We didn’t have much plot in the first two episodes — the drama just focused all its energy on introducing the three main girls through the powerful plot device named Kim Ji-suk. He played Kim Hak-soo, a hilarious lovesick employee who just wanted a decent date for himself so that he won’t be lonely on Christmas. But expectations won’t always meet reality, especially if you’re set up with three best friends with distinct personalities! Not to mention – alcohol (lukewarm soju, tbe) runs through their veins.

First up, Kang Ji-goo (Jung Eun-ji), a Youtuber who streams origami for a living. She’s a no-nonsense gal who won’t hesitate to beat up an elementary kid who bullies her online. She has this weird drinking habit of sleeping in the dog house whenever she’s wasted.

Next is the girly one, Han Ji-yeon (Han Sun-hwa), a yoga teacher who’s not using her brains on purpose. Lol! I love her already. She is such an unbothered queen! No matter how or where she sleeps, her bra always makes its way to her eyes as cover – quite resourceful, economical, and impressive! 😂

Last but not least and probably the most normal of them all, Ahn So-hee (Lee Sun-bin), a variety show writer who’s overworked and underpaid. So-hee doesn’t have a striking intro compared to the first two, but her date with Kim Hak-soo was one of the best comedy sequences I’ve watched this year! Also, I think her presence itself balances the craziness of her two besties.

Oh, we also got to meet Kang Book-goo (Choi Si-won) and his stress-induced flaky scalp in the pilot week. He’s So-hee’s colleague, a PD to be exact, who butts heads with her for little things like budget for tuna gimbap. I am so excited to see their dynamic together or if they will develop into an enemies-to-lovers type of romance.

Work Later, Drink Now is off to a fun start, and it’s a bummer that we only get around 30 minutes of goodness per episode! I look forward to learning more about the characters, though – dreams, background, worries.

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