Jin Goo, Ha Do-kwon, Lee Won-keun will star in new OCN drama

Jin Goo (Legal High), Ha Do-kwon (The Witch’s Diner), Lee Won-keun (One The Woman) will work together in a new OCN drama entitled Superior Day.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the thriller drama is about an ordinary guy who gets trapped between a serial killer and a hired killer.

Ji Goo will take on the role of Lee Ho-cheol, an ordinary firefighter whose daughter got kidnapped by a hired killer in order to threaten him and force him in killing a serial killer. The said hired killer will be played by Ha Do-kwon. His character, named Bae Tae-jin, is described as an intelligent troubleshooter who concocts perfect plans and doesn’t leave any trace. He is on a hunt to kill serial killer Kwon Shi-woo, which will be played by Lee Won-keun. Kwon Shi-woo looks like a kind person with a handsome face but his real identity is a psychopath who enjoys the superiority that comes from his murder.

The upcoming series will be helmed by PD Jo Nam-hyeong (Tale of the Nine Tailed) and will be adapted to screen by writer Lee Ji-hyun. It is set to air in the first half of 2022.

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