Kim Ok-vin, Yoo Teo, Kim Ji-hun and Go Won-hee to star in new Netflix rom-com

Netflix has confirmed the main cast line-up for its new romance-comedy series, “Love War” (literal translation). The series will be top-billed by Kim Ok-vin (Dark Hole) and Yoo Teo (The School Nurse Files) with Kim Ji-hun (Flower of Evil) and Go Won-hee (Revolutionary Sisters) joining them in the lead cast as well.

Love War is about how a man and a woman, who both don’t believe in love because of their mutual distrust of the opposite sex, will learn to trust and understand each other while finding true love in the process.

Kim Ok-vin will take on the role of lawyer Yeo Mi-ran, who works for Gilmu, a law firm specializing in the entertainment industry. Her character is described as someone who hates losing to men and believes that dating is the only way to know all types of men. Meanwhile, Yoo Teo will take on the role of top Korean actor Nam Kang-ho, who dominated the entertainment industry with his intelligence and kind personality. His character is described as the “master of romance” but in reality, he hates the idea of dating.

On the other hand, Kim Ji-hun will play Do Won-jun, who once dreamt of becoming an actor but entered the management business instead. He helped Nam Kang-ho to become the best actor in Korea. Do Won-jun doesn’t care about anything except his agency until he met a woman name Shin Na-eun. This character will be played by Go Won-hee. Her character was described as someone who doesn’t hesitate to fall in love unlike her best friend Yeo Mi-ran.

Love War will be helmed by PD Kim Jeong-kwon (Lie after Lie) and will be written by Choi Soo-young (My ID is a Gangnam Beauty).

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