First Impression: Now, We Are Breaking Up

It’s a known fact in this little space that we’ve created through the years that my all-time favorite actress is Song Hye-kyo. She’s my ultimate star – the first Korean actress I watched and the one that started it all for me. And even though all has been said about her personal and professional life, her fans stayed through it all. I just wanted to put it out there because this drama isn’t just her comeback series after the highly successful Encounter with Park Bo-gum. It signals the start of a new chapter in her career and the slew of new projects that she has lined up for the next months. When I was watching Encounter, the vibe was romantic yet intense. But Now, We Are Breaking Up hits different. It’s heavy yet light, you know? She’s super chill plus the set, the actors, the vibe – everything just feels right.

To be honest, the plot was soapy and full of cliché that we often see in dramas. Longtime drama watchers would immediately notice the similarities in the tropes. But what I like about Now, We Are Breaking Up is that it’s the woman who is cold, aloof, and afraid to love. She’s a successful professional who knows her goals but is still healing from her past love. I’m so used to seeing male leads in suits who act high and mighty, that’s why for me, this drama is a breath of fresh air somehow.

Cookie and the Brother’s Ex

The chemistry between Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong) is magical. They look so good together! I also like the fashion industry as the backdrop of their love story. It’s always interesting to watch the dynamics of two not-so-ordinary people who excel in their respective professions fall in love and navigate the complex emotions amidst the pressures of their job.

There were hints in the first two episodes about the two’s connection, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. My makjang fanatic heart was getting more and more excited when it was confirmed that Young-eun was the ex-girlfriend of Jae-guk’s dead brother! Throughout the drama, I was contemplating if this is going to have a sad ending because the title is, well, sad. But my worries turned to enthusiasm when they revealed who Young-eun really is. She’s still in process of “breaking up” with her past love.

Poignant and interesting, right? I wonder if Song Hye-kyo accepted this role because she connected with Young-eun somehow. Maybe she wanted to let her fans realize that she is healing. She is moving on from her painful past. And she’ll get there.


Young-eun is the head of design for the luxury clothing label Sono, one of the brands carried by the local design company The One. She works as the admirable team leader in the limelight, but behind closed doors, she just actually babysits the company owner’s daughter, Director Hwang Chi-sook (Choi Hee-seo).

Most of the time I was gasping because Director Hwang, no matter how heartbroken she may be, just annoys me so much. Privileged, irresponsible little bitch who takes everything for granted and treats her employees as minions. She’s funny and takes the fish-out-of-water route in some scenes. She’s the worst but her character has the most potential for positive growth. And I can’t wait to witness that. Based on the promos and the progression of the first two episodes, she seems to be the second couple alongside Seok Do-hoon (Kim Joo-hun). But for now, I want to linger with my unresolved irritation for a bit.

Okay back to the fun part, the main couple. Young-eun and Jae-guk meet in a very passionate one-night stand! And as I said, because Young-eun is the more detached one, we only saw her point-of-view at first. She’s the type to not care about small talk and just gets on with their business. And because she expected nothing from her one-time lover, we didn’t really see who he is until later on.

Of course, fate likes complicated things in dramas. The morning after, the two meet again, after Young-eun was “forced” by Chi-sook to pose as her in the blind date set up by her father. At the same time, Jae-guk unknowingly attended this dinner, with the impression of just meeting his old friend Do-hoon. Long story short, the two connected and realized later on that they were banging each other the night before.

The revelation about Young-eun’s past love came when Jae-guk’s close friend Director Shin Yoo-jung (Yoon Jung-hee) came into the picture. I’m not sure if we’re going to see her as a rival here, but I guess, yes. It’s intriguing to see how Young-eun and Jae-guk react to this surprising fact. Based on the cliffhanger, her exact words were “I’m still trying to break up with him.” Was she not aware that her boyfriend is dead? It’s been 10 years, and I wonder what’s taking her so long to find out what really happened between them?

G’s Alley

👠 There are so many Encounter characters in this drama – no wonder the working ambiance was so nice!! Also, Nam Gi-ae as Song Hye-kyo’s mother and Cha Hwa-yeon as the disapproving mom-in-law again!

👠 For sure our resident EXO-L @maknaeahjumma is the most excited for Sehun’s appearance! Please don’t make Hwang Chi-hyung the second lead – we don’t want to choose!

👠 Hye-rin (Yu-ra) was so effective in her role as an entitled influencer! 😤

👠 This Dazed Korea photoshoot is everything!

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