Kim Hee-ee, Moon So-ri are cast in the Netflix drama “Queen Maker”

Kim Hee-ae (The World of the Married) and Moon So-ri (On the Verge of Insanity) are both confirmed to lead the upcoming Netflix drama “Queen Maker” (working title).

Kim Hee-ae will play the character of Hwang Do-hee, the President Identity (PI) consulting and general manager of the Strategic Planning Office at Eunsung Group. She is very skilled in her job and good at shaping public opinion. She is highly regarded in the industry and trusted by the owners of the conglomerate.

Moon So-ri will take on the role of Oh Seung-sook, a labor rights lawyer who always goes against Eunsung Group. Throughout her career, she did everything to champion the average workers through her involvements in the different labor organizations like Women’s Worker Association, Korean Women’s Human Rights Wave, and Worker’s Solidarity with Rights Foundation. She will decide to run for mayor of Seoul in her bid to fight and protect the vulnerable.

Hwang Do-hee, who is known as the “Queen Maker,” will end up helping Oh Seung-sook during her campaign for the mayoralty race.

The drama is helmed by director Oh Jin-seok (Love With Flaws, My First First Love, Yong Pal) and the script is written by Moon Ji-young (Who Are You). It is slated to stream on Netflix in 2022.

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