Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Kyu-hyung lead new legal drama

Jung Ryeo-won (Diary of a Prosecutor) and Lee Kyu-hyung (Happiness) are both confirmed in the upcoming legal mystery drama “Let’s Start the Defense” (literal translation).

Jung Ryeo-won will star as No Chak-hee, an ace lawyer with the highest winning rate but got demoted to a public defense lawyer. She is passionate and hardworking, and is determined to do anything to win a case. But when she was about to be promoted to a partner, her license almost got suspended because of a sensitive case. She now aims to return to her old law firm as soon as possible.

Lee Kyu-hyung will play Jwa Shi-baek, a cold and merciless to the strong but is kind and warm-hearted to the weak. Despite having the opportunity to become a judge, prosecutor or a top lawyer, he became a public defense lawyer instead. He lives a very private life. He and No Chak-hee don’t get along well but they will be involved in a serial murder case involving wealthy elderly people.

The drama will be directed by Kang Min-gu (Itaewon Class) while the script will be written by rookie writer Kim Dan, winner of the Excellence Award at the Korea Story Contest.

Filming will start in January 2022 and is currently in discussion to stream via OTT platforms.

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