Yeo Jin-goo, Moon Ga-young reunite in new fantasy drama

Yeo Jin-goo (Beyond Evil) and Moon Ga-young (True Beauty) are both confirmed to lead the upcoming tvN fantasy romance “Link: Eat and Love to Kill” (literal translation).

Yeo Jin-goo will lead the drama as Eun Gye-hoon, a talented sous-chef who suddenly experiences different spontaneous emotions one day, who happens to be from another person.

Moon Ga-young takes on the role of Noh Da-hyun, a jobseeker who always smiles her way through life. She is constantly nagged by her mother’ and receives some harsh words from others, but this doesn’t prevent her from believing that good luck will come to her someday. After causing an irreversible incident, she will meet Eun Gye-hoon as they randomly start sharing emotions together.

The drama will be directed by Hong Jong-chan (Dear My Friends, Life) while the script will be written by Kwon Ki-young (I Remember You, Suspicious Partner).

Link: Eat and Love to Kill is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022.

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