Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo are sisters in the upcoming drama “Little Women”

The upcoming tvN drama “Little Women” has confirmed the casting of Kim Go-eun (Yumi’s Cells), Nam Ji-hyun (The Witch Diner), and Park Ji-hoo (Hummingbird).

The drama tells the story of three sisters who grew up in poverty and find themselves entangled against the richest and most powerful family in Korea. 

Kim Go-eun plays the first sister Oh In-joo, who wants to protect her family through the power of money. She realized how significant money plays in protecting her family while growing up in extreme poverty. Her dream was to live as much as others but an event that shakes her entire life takes place.

Nam Ji-hyun will play the second sister Oh In-kyung, who does not want to sell her soul for money. She is a bright, righteous, and mission-minded reporter for a news agency. Although she may be poor her entire life, but she never bows her head for money. After becoming a reporter for the first time, she sensed that the mysterious case she had faced is happening again, and she instinctively begins to dig into it.

Park Ji-hoo takes on the role of the third sister Oh In-hye, who struggles with the love and affection of her two older sisters who work hard for her. She is a person who has never used good paint supplies because of her poor circumstances but has entered a prestigious art high school with her natural drawing skills. 

As of writing, Wi Ha-joon (Bad and Crazy) is also in talks for the male lead role.

Little Women is directed by Kim Hee-won (Vincenzo, The Crowned Clown) and the script is written by Jeong Seo-kyung (Mother).

The drama is scheduled to premiere on tvN in 2022.

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