In Spotlight: Ahn Eun-jin Filmography

Lovely. That’s one word we would all agree that describes Ahn Eun-jin. It’s not just because of her soft beautiful features. She’s lovely whenever she took on any type of role. From detective to doctor; from reserved to risk-takers, she could portray any character with her acting experience and natural charm.

But this humble actress thinks the word that describes her is “luck.” She said in an interview that her theater career started because a school musical she was part of won a competition sponsored by a large corporation. She was able to audition for Hospital Playlist because the series creators happened to watch one of her stage performances.

She may say it was just luck but it is definitely Ahn Eun-jin’s natural talent that made the audience love all of her characters.

Number Woman Gye Sook-ja (Oksusu webseries / 2018) – Jo An-na

She has been active in theater and musicals before making her small-screen debut through the web series Number Woman Gye Sook-ja in 2018. She played the role of aspiring actress Joana. Here she closely worked with actresses Jeon Hye-bin and Lee Ji-hae.

Life (JTBC / 2018) – Lee Jeong-seon

She made a special appearance in the 11th ep of the 2018 medical drama, Life. She played the role of Lee Jeong-seon a beauty clinic employee and informant. In an interview, she said that her appearance was short but it was an honor to work with senior actors.

The Crowned Clown (tvN / 2019) – royal concubine

In 2019, she took on a supporting role as a royal concubine in the period drama The Crowned Clown.

Kingdom (Netflix / 2019) – Kim’s wife

In the same year, she appeared in the first season of the Netflix hit series, Kingdom as the pregnant wife of the Prince Chang’s loyal personal bodyguard, Kim Mu-yeong. She’s one of the pregnant women under the protection of the Haewon Cho clan.

Possessed (OCN / 2019) – Choi Yeon-Hee

Appearing in her first OCN series, Ahn Eun-jin became part of the comedy thriller Possessed. She played the role of Choi Yeon-hee, a cute and lovely police officer.

My Fellow Citizens (KBS2 / 2019) – Park Gwi-Nam

In 2019, she took on the role of Park Gwi-nam in the KBS series, My Fellow Citizens. Here, she worked with Choi Si-won and Kim Min-jung.

Strangers From Hell (OCN / 2019) – So Jeong-Hwa

In 2019, she transformed into policewoman So Jeong-hwa in the OCN series Strangers From Hell. She was praised for perfectly mimicking the character in the webtoon with her unique and natural acting skills.

Diary of a Prosecutor  (JTBC / 2019-2020) – Sung Mi-Ran

She did a total of six projects in 2019 alone. The last of them is Diary of a Prosecutor in which she played the role of assistant Seong Mi-ran.

Hospital Playlist (tvN / 2020) – Chu Min-Ha

She introduced us to a good person in 2020 as she breathed into life the role of very lovely Chu Min-ha in the first season of Hospital Playlist.

More Than Friends (JTBC / 2020) – Kim Young-Hee

In 2020, she took on the role of Kim Young-hee in the romance drama More Than Friends. In the series, the realist and skeptical Young-hee avoids the topic of marriage with her long-time boyfriend because of her family issues.

Dark Hole (OCN / 2021) – So Jeong-Hwa (ep.1-2)

She once again took on her role in Strangers From Hell, So Jeong-hwa, for a special appearance in the 2021 OCN drama Darkhole.

Hospital Playlist 2 (tvN / 2021) – Chu Min-Ha

She reprised her role as lovely Chu Min-ha in the second season of Hospital Playlist. In this season, Min-ha took braver steps and confess her love to Yang Seok-hyeong!

The Witch’s Diner (TVING / 2021) – Jin Sun-Mi

She made a special appearance as Jin Seon-mi, an aspiring musical actress, in the TVING original The Witch’s Diner.

The One and Only (JTBC / 2021-2022) – Pyo In-Sook

She top-billed the JTBC drama, The One and Only. She described the journey of her character, Pyo In-sook, as a heartwarming experience that brings comfort and peace.

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