Han Ji-eun, Hong Jong-hyun and others team up for new TVING series

Han Ji-eun, Hong Jong-hyun, Jung Moon-sung, Kim Sun-young, and Jang Gwang will become retail investors in the upcoming TVING series “Ants are Riding

The new comedy-drama is a story of ordinary people who met at a mysterious investment club and starts working toward investment success. The series will tell stories about life, friendship, and love through stock investing.

Han Ji-eun (Bad and Crazy) will take on the role of stock trading rookie Yoo Mi-seo, who was a happy bride-to-be but got unlucky in stock investment. Hong Jong-hyun (My Absolute Boyfriend) is set to play the role of Choi Sun-woo, a mysterious convenience store part-timer who drives a luxury car.

Joining the team are Jung Moon-sung (The Veil) who will play the role of “freeter” Kang San, Kim Sun-young (The Silent Sea) will be jokbal restaurant owner Jung Haeng-ja, and Jang Gwang will take on the role of retired English teacher Kim Jin-bae.

The series will be helmed by Director Choi Ji-young (The All-round Wife) while the script will be written by Im Yeon-soo, Kim Yeon-ji, Lee Ye-rim, and Yoon So-min. It is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2022 on TVING.

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