Yoon Si-yoon, Bae Da-bin and more to star in new KBS weekend drama

KBS revealed the main cast line-up for its upcoming weekend drama “The Present is Beautiful“.

Leading the cast are Yoon Si-yoon (You Raise Me Up), Bae Da-bin (Love Alarm 2), Oh Min-suk (Cheat on Me, If You Can), Shin Dong-mi (Bossam: Steal the Fate), Seo Bum-jun (Dr. Parks’ Clinic), and Choi Ye-bin (Love & Wish). The weekend drama revolves around the story of three Lee brothers who avoid dating and marriage but needs to search for a spouse in order for them to inherit their parents’ apartment.

Yoon Si-yoon will play the role of lawyer Lee Hyun-jae, the middle child of the family. His character is described as someone with a strong survival instinct. Bae Da-bin will star opposite him as Hyun Mi-rae, a personal shopper for VIPs. She hired Lee Hyun-jae as her lawyer in a marriage fraud case.

Meanwhile, Oh Min-suk will play the role of dentist Lee Yoon-jae, the oldest Lee brother. He is described as a gentle but disciplined person. Shin Dong-mi will play the role of Shim Hae-jun, a head of law firm who one day visited Lee Yoon-jae’s clinic and falls head over heels for him.

Lastly, Seo Bum-jun is cast as Lee Soo-jae, the youngest of the Lee brother. He is studying for the civil service examination and works as a part-time delivery truck loader. Choi Ye-bin plays the role of Na Yoo-na, who works with Lee Soo-jae at the delivery truck service in order to save money to pursue her dream as a patisserie.

Veteran actors Park In-hwan, Park Sang-won, and Kim Hye-ok are also part of the series and will play the older generation of the Lee Family.

The weekend drama will be directed by Kim Sung-geun (Everybody Cha Cha Cha) and written by Ha Myung-hee (Record of Youth). The series is set to premiere in March 2022 after the airing of “A Young Lady and Gentleman“.

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