K-drama Workplaces We Want to Get Hired At

In every K-drama, we watch different characters traverse their daily lives, go on adventures, solve crimes, fight ghosts or monsters, and fall in love. The most likely place all of these happen is the characters’ workplace. K-dramas are really good at creating a fictional workplace that has an atmosphere perfect for the series’ chosen genre. And they are so charming and inviting that we sometimes dream of working at a place like that. And there’s plenty of that in K-dramaverse but here are some of the best K-drama workplaces we badly want to get hired at.

Daebak Real Estate (Sell Your Haunted House)

Incentive: free food.

Since Daebak Real Estate’s President Hong Ji-a needs to eat a lot of food before an exorcism operation, you’ll mostly get a feast-like lunch and dinner. And this buffet always comes free. Although one should not be faint-hearted here since ghost and spirit hunting is part of their daily task.

Yulje Hospital (Hospital Playlist)

Incentive: work and life mentors

Hospital Playlist boasts its realistic portrayal of life at a hospital. BUT finding professors like the Lacking Five and the other Yulje doctors is rare in real life. If we work in Yulje, then we’ll instantly have work and life mentors that would remind us it’s okay and it will eventually be well.

Mystic Pojangmacha (Mystic Pop-up Bar)

Incentive: a dream job (quite literally)

If you’re up for adventure ala the Inception movie but make it K-drama, then working at the Mystic Pojangmacha would suit you well. The drinks they serve will concoct you with a dream that will lead you to come into terms with your problem and wake up with a peace of mind. Also, it seems like a good idea to wear a modern Hanbok while working alongside gorgeous Wol-ju, Manager Gwi and cutie Han Kang-bae.

Jipuragi Law Firm (Vincenzo)

Incentive: having an alpha female boss

Succeeding in a system dominated by men and the rich is as hard as inserting a thread through the smallest eye of a needle. And working under an alpha female lawyer like Hong Cha-young will definitely be an advantage. She would mentor us “the ways” in dealing with next-to-impossible cases and at the same time doing it while looking so glam in pink.

Jaeil Confectionary (Hello, Me)

Incentive: the morning exercise (and all-day free snacks)

If you’re an active person or even if you just love doing simple exercises, then Jaeil Confectionary’s tradition of simultaneously dancing in the morning might sound appealing to you. If you work here, it’s a must to know Jaeil’s adorable choreography. Plus, you’ll get to eat free snacks all-day and get lunch served by tall handsome chaebol Han Yu-hyeon.

Coffee In The Middle Of the Day and Beer in the Moonlight (Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

Incentive: light workload

This café-and-bar is located in Gongjin, a very small town that is rarely visited by tourists. You’ll only have a hectic day here if the villagers decide to hold their meeting in the care. And even then, you’d likely just serve them the usual fried fritters and peanuts since they are all your regulars anyway. Also, you might run into the cutest members of DOS and fangirl with Oh Ju-ri and Yoon Hye-jin.

2dae café (Would You Like a Cup of Coffee)

Incentive: access to the best coffee beans

A job at a café is really very ideal for people who love a slow-paced lifestyle. 2dae Café is a hole-in-the-wall café perfect for learning more about the art of brewing coffees and well, life in general. You’ll be learning from Seoul’s lowkey best brewer Park Seok. And did I mention you’ll be doing it beside the handsome Kang Go-bi? If that doesn’t sound a romantic coffee shop AU coming to life then I don’t know what is.

With Ung (Our Beloved Summer)

Incentive: abundant meals and lovely bosses

Choi Ung’s parents, Choi Ho and Lee Yeon-ok, are genuinely warm people and it shows in the generous meals they serve (even to their son’s ex!). They don’t hold back with the side dishes and invite people who seem to badly need a warm home cook meal. Also, it’s located in a scenic neighborhood that inspired a great artist so one wouldn’t mind manning the cashier (I think they’re currently hiring one since Ung is busy with his exhibition and well, dating).

Baro (Search: WWW)

Incentive: fast internet (and insider knowledge on trending keywords)

All of the workplaces listed above have “chill vibes” in them. But if you’re up to work in a fast-paced environment, then your choices should include Baro. There you would be mentored by industry trailblazers and very competent women Bae Ta-mi and Cha Hyeon (and probably encounter Song Ga-kyeong too!). Plus, the workplace itself is a playground for digital savvies (and the conference table is wide enough to sleep in case you and your BFF need a drunken night out).

Samsan Tech (Start-Up)

Incentive: working with the industry’s future (and their desk!!!)

If you’re a visionary then Samsan Tech is the right K-drama workplace for you. It will be your pride working with three tech geniuses and a very smart yet down-to-earth CEO. ALSO, you’ll get access to cool stuff like their height-adjustable desks, mood-detecting lights, life-changing apps, and smart devices (but it’s the desk for me tbh).

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