Im Si-wan, Kim Seol-hyun courted to lead new drama

Im Si-wan (Tracer) and Kim Seol-hyun (Awaken) are both in talks to star in the upcoming drama “Summer Strike” (working title).

Summer Strike is a drama based on the webtoon “I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything,” which revolves around characters who decide to quit their current lifestyles and settle in a small seaside neighborhood to do the mundane.

Im Si-wan is courted for the role of the male lead character Ahn Dae-bum, a math genius who used to face off against students of Seoul National University two decades ago. He entered Seoul National University with pure hard work despite his circumstances. He is now working as a librarian in a small seaside village named Angok.

Seolhyun has been offered for role of Lee Yeo-reum, a 28-year-old young professional who just recently became a permanent employee. She has been working for the same company for five years, but just as she is about to enjoy the fruits of her labor, she quits her job and backpacked her way to Angok and rented an empty billiard room.

The drama will be directed by Lee Yoon-jung (Coffee Prince, Golden Time, Cheese in the Trap).

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