Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Soo-kyung cast in “Adamas”

tvN’s new drama “Adamas” (working title) confirmed the casting of Ji Sung (The Devil Judge), Seo Ji-hye (Dr. Brain), and Lee Soo-kyung (Law School).

The drama revolves around the intense adventure of twin brothers in fighting against the mastermind behind the death of their stepfather 22 years ago in order to clear the name of their biological father who was framed for murder. The twins shockingly learned that the culprit who killed their stepfather was their biological father. However, after hearing that their biological father, who was sentenced to death, was wrongly framed, they started pursuing the truth behind the killing.

Ji Sung takes the dual role of the twin brothers Ha Woo-shin and Song Su-hyeon. Ha Woo-shun is a best-selling mystery novel writer while Song Su-hyeon is a prosecutor in the special division of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. The twins may have the same face but their personalities and the way they solve problems are completely different. They will have a conflict in solving their father’s case because each of them approaches it from a different point of view.

Seo Ji-hye will transform into Eun Hye-soo, the wife of the eldest son of the Haesong Group. She is described as someone who “lived like a flower in a greenhouse” because she is the only daughter of a hospital director before becoming the daughter-in-law of a large corporation. She revolts against the Haesong group due to a series of incidents and secretly helps Ha Woo-shin.

Lee Soo-kyung will play the role of Kim Seo-hee, a reporter from the social affairs department of TNN who hides a secret from the twin brothers. She is described as a righteous, passionate reporter who advocates for social justice and always puts a smile on her face. Kim Seo-hee is usually threatened with complaints for her articles because she can’t stand injustice, but she has a certain reason for her eagerness.

The drama will be directed by Park Seung-woo (Kairos) while the script will be written by Choi Tae-kang.

Adamas is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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