First Impression: Forecasting Love and Weather

Drama Profile

Title: Forecasting Love and Weather (English title) / Meteorological Agency People: The Cruelty of In-House Romance (literal title)
Main Cast: Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura
Writer: Sun Young
PD: Cha Young-hoon (When the Camellia Blooms, Are You Human?)
Timeslot: Saturday and Sunday 22:30H
Network: jtbc / Netflix
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Plot Synopsis 

A work romance drama depicting the work and love of the people of the Korea Meteorological Agency, hotter than a tropical night and more unpredictable than a localized downpour. (NPIO Entertainment)

Grumpy’s First Impression

For starters, it’s fascinating to see weather forecasters work together and predict what will happen in the next few hours or so. We’ve come a long way when it comes to science, and to see the actual work behind weather forecasting is amazing. Weather bulletins are very ingrained in our daily lives that we become oblivious to the tedious work that goes behind every single advisory.

Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) is the newly appointed head of Division Two of the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). Park Min-young, the queen of modern office romance (and fashion). 😂 I love Ha-kyung. She’s feisty, calculative, and most of all, she knows her worth! Ending a 10-year relationship a month before her wedding day takes an impressive amount of courage. Not to mention she got cheated on by the most annoying loser, but she did not dwell on the misery for a long time. She knows when to get back on her feet despite the pain and betrayal. Another alpha woman we can genuinely root for!

The first two episodes revolve around her mostly. How she weighs in the pros and cons of every prediction they have to release, how her mom has always been right about her boyfriend’s red flags, and lastly, how she deals with the repercussions of her failed relationship. She and Han Ki-jun (Yoon Park) never fought during their 10 years together!! Their lack of communication baffled me. No wonder, when they finally had their much-anticipated confrontation, Ki-jun just went all out about his concealed resentment and played victim to justify his cheating.

And now that she’s not blinded by love anymore, she started seeing red! All these years, he always shortchanged her. He is insecure about her achievements. And most incredulous of all, he got married to his mistress right after canceling his engagement with Ha-kyung! Ah, this cheating loser challenges the remaining calmness in my being.

Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) is a passionate forecaster assigned at the Seoul Metropolitan Office. I like his tenacity when it comes to his readings. He cares about his job and values the impact it has on people. But of course, his brazen personality comes with a bit of idealism.

He’s still new to the industry which means he doesn’t fully understand yet the economic impact of each weather bulletin. Millions worth of public funds will be wasted for each error. I can see Si-woo’s potential as a great weather forecaster, and under Ha-kyung’s wing, he will get a full 360-degree glimpse of being a forecaster, and I’m excited to witness that.

Now for the “love” part, we can forecast that this will be one hell of a complicated office romance. Ha-kyung’s ex-fiancee cheated on her with Si-woo’s girlfriend, Reporter Chae Yoo-jin (Yura). And now the cheaters are married and back at work. They really threw all the characters into one pit and wait who gets eliminated first. 

I didn’t expect the one-night stand part, but I must say this drama is a bit daring for a pilot week! Both couples had bed scenes in their first two episodes! I’m already invested, and I now look forward to how Ha-kyung will react to this development. No dating work colleagues, huh? 

G Alley

🌧 Best wedding bouquet toss ever from Mr. Timely Rain!

🌧 Couldn’t have said it any better!

🌧 What in the butterfly world is this??? Park Jae-eon takeover!

Photo/GIF credits: jtbc/Netflix/Tumblr

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