K-Drama Reaction: Forecasting Love and Weather | Episodes 5-6

Different Personalities, Different Principles, Different Wounds

Ha-kyung and Si-woo are both wounded soldiers in their battles with love. They each have a distinct experience, yet they share a common ground. They are both healing from the same wound. And this wound is highlighted in episodes 5-6.

It’s difficult to trust and love again so soon, but if the other person assures you and validates your feelings always, you’ll soon realize that you’ve been healed. And I’m happy that Ha-kyung and Si-woo now have each other to lean on. Their relationship may be progressing so soon but if they can work it out, it doesn’t matter. They both know too well that long-term relationships are not set in stone, so why castigate budding romances for being solid?

Ha-kyung’s struggle with trusting Si-woo is a work in progress. Her trust issues have a deeper reason, and Si-woo will be challenged to prove his sincerity along the way. I hope this would not only strengthen their bond but also prepare them for even worse problems in the future. Unfortunately, Ha-kyung had to witness the death of her father, but this event molded her into a strong, independent woman (as cliché as it sounds). The trauma she had endured all these years even became her shield when she got betrayed by Ki-jun. At least she didn’t dwell much on the cheating issue and came out stronger after the failed relationship.

Si-woo, on the other hand, needs to open up more about his personal struggles and have faith in Ha-kyung. It’s perfectly fine to be vulnerable sometimes, especially with your loved ones. I’m quite happy about the revelations involving his father. It took away the puppy image and created a new picture of Si-woo’s character. His cheerful personality stemmed from his unhappy childhood. It’s complicated, but he’s working on it. Of course, he will not escape his father’s shadows just yet, but I’m hoping Ha-kyung will help him move forward with his life and get the compensation he deserves. His father had been squeezing him dry of his own savings for years. He even terrorized both his past and present girlfriends. I hate to see his loser father, but I feel like we will still meet him in the next episodes.

I’m also not surprised by Yu-jin’s decision not to register her marriage with Ki-jun just yet. She is slowly waking up from the honeymoon phase. No matter how they want to appear lovey-dovey in public, soon people will notice the awful stench coming out of their pretentious smiles. Yu-jin’s insecurity against Ha-kyung will backfire, and it will eat her up. It also doesn’t help that her husband is still dependent on Ha-kyung (or is still unconsciously hung up on her, too).

Tenured vs Rookies

The stark contrast between the younger employees and the tenured ones is evident. When Ha-kyung ordered her team to pull out 10 years’ worth of data to analyze, Myeong-ju, Dong-han, and Seok-ho all went ahead with their respective assignments while both Si-woo and Soo-jin’s initial reaction was to whine. They have so much to learn in their lines of duty, and I’m confident that they’ve got good mentors in the agency. Ha-kyung is not an irresponsible and unreasonable leader, after all. Their sunbaes are all hands-on and reliable. In the words of Myeong-ju, the team works with a sense of responsibility. They will just need to let nature take its course when it comes to teamwork.

What makes me sad is the sacrifices of Myeong-ju and Dong-han for their respective families. Myeong-ju will now be the sole breadwinner after her husband decides to take a break for a year to focus on the civil service exams. I sincerely hope all her yielding won’t be put to waste. Can she be promoted soon, please? Why do workplaces always view being a mother as a weakness?

Meanwhile, Dong-han had to endure sleeping anywhere else but home! He is always walking on eggshells in his own house, and it’s a good decision that he just left, to be honest. It makes his wife and daughter feel his absence. And though it’s a risky move, they might start missing him and let him into their life for real. Just don’t run away from home for too long, Dong-hanssi!

G Alley

☁️ I enjoy Seok-ho’s daily self-care moments so much! Find a man who looks at you the way Seok-ho looks at his breakfast!

☁️ Ki-jun is downright pathetic.

☁️ The cliffhanger for Episode 6 is so well done! The ladies are making major decisions about their respective relationships – one is willing to start anew while the other is choosing to pause for a while! Interesting how things are playing out!

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