K-Drama Reaction: Forecasting Love and Weather | Episodes 7-8

A lot has happened this week, and I don’t know if I like how the story is progressing. I am becoming more interested in the office dynamics than the love lines. I think it’s mainly because of the lack of character development for Ki-jun? Not sure yet.

We open the new episode with hanging questions from both girls – one offers her home to her new love while the other wants to think twice before committing fully. Ha-kyung and Ki-jun took their precious time getting to know each other. And they gave 10 years of their youth – only to realize they are not meant to be. Meanwhile, Yu-jin and Si-woo rushed things. They didn’t wait until marriage to live together. They spent their time loving each other under one roof. And sadly, both Ki-jun and Yu-jin got tired of their respective set-ups and chose to cheat on their partners for the thrill of newfound love.

The contrast between the two relationships becomes evident in each passing episode. But I like that both Ha-kyung and Si-woo accepted each other wholeheartedly, ugly past and all. This is their edge against Ki-jun and Yu-jin, who still walk on eggshells despite getting married. They fought for their love against everyone, but in the end, it’s just not working for them. The lies, deception, mistrust – it’s too much to take all-in. And just when Ki-jun finally exerts an effort for his wife, he finds out the truth about Si-woo and Yu-jin’s live-in relationship.

Ki-jun is honestly one of the thick-faced, no-shame, insensitive, audacious K-drama jerks ever written. He dared to cheat on his long-term girlfriend (who’s way above his level!), dupe her many times about their joint finances, and now, even after their separation, still haunts her into thinking that she has not moved on from their past relationship. No wonder he is so insecure about Si-woo being Yu-jin’s ex. And now that he’s aware of Si-woo and Ha-kyung’s romance, I don’t look forward to seeing his pathetic face who only thinks the world revolves around him.

Optimal Distance

Si-woo and Ha-kyung’s relationship is getting serious. Both are falling harder every day. I understood where Si-woo is coming from when he initially refused to accept Ha-kyung’s offer to live together. He came from this familiar set-up, and it didn’t end well for him. Also, Ha-kyung is much more stable financially and career-wise. He just started his own path in KMA, not to mention he has yet to get rid of his problematic dad completely. All his savings went to his inutile father, and it’s not easy to start all over again. I hope he gets to stand on his own soon so that the lovebirds can also start to plan their future together.

Anyway, the secret office romance isn’t just working on me. Maybe because we lack the giddy, flirty scenes. Or we get bombarded by jealousy, immaturity, and secrets left and right. It’s not helping that they are both conscious of each other to the point that the chemistry is slowly fading away. I hope they regain their momentum because I sincerely root for Ha-kyung and Si-woo as a couple, but Park Min-young and Song Kang just ain’t giving me the feels right now, y’know?

Still on the topic of optimal distance – I’m getting tired of Forecaster Uhm and his wife’s push and pull. It’s been going on since Episode 1, and by this time, they should just talk to each other openly like a married couple should. At least Ki-jun listens to other people’s advice on marriage, but Forecaster Uhm just doesn’t budge. At first, I pity him for feeling awkward around his family, but now I get why his wife feels that way. Both should make a move – at least the wife calls him every now and then. Forecaster Uhm, just go home and talk to your wife!

Wake-up Call

In every episode, Soo-jin gets an earful from her seniors at work. Her character is written to be scolded and used as a plot device to advance their objective in making relevant scenarios in a government workplace. Though I admit that the nasty calls are offensive, Soo-jin calling this task “trivial” is downplaying the existence of KMA. It’s a humbling experience for any government employee, paid by the people’s hard-earned taxes, who thinks highly of themselves just because they passed the civil service exams. They are called public servants for a reason, and what better way for a wake-up call than hearing the complaints of the affected people themselves. Every movement in a government office affects an individual, no matter his place in society – what more of a weather agency.

It’s not just Soo-jin who gets a reality check in this week’s episodes. Seok-ho, who values his own welfare above the rest, also had a humbling experience this time. The discomfort index is high in the city due to the heat, and the office’s AC system died on all days. Everyone is on the edge, including Seok-ho. Carrying his mini-fan, he storms to the machine room, where he sees the maintenance team fixing the AC. Seok-ho was determined to scold them and ask them to hurry up, but when he saw their poor working condition, he softened and even bought them refreshments. He thought the employees had it bad, but upon witnessing that the maintenance team was experiencing worse, he directed his perspective for the better. It’s always the little things and the privilege we fail to appreciate and use wisely.

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