K-Drama Reaction: Forecasting Love and Weather | Episodes 9-10

This week’s episodes highlighted Ki-jun’s self-centered personality. We all got a hint of his selfishness when married Yu-jin and still terrorized Ha-kyung, but this time, it crossed the line. He learned about Si-woo and Ha-kyung’s relationship, but his initial reaction was they were trying to get back at him. Sir?! He even followed their weekend trip while flat out ignoring calls from his wife. The dimwit didn’t even remember his own mom’s birthday and ditched his wife altogether. He will never mature until he loses everything.

And Yu-jin’s decision to move out of their house is her best move in this series. Lack of trust and commitment – two major red flags that should never be tolerated between a married couple! Yu-jin craves affection and security from her husband, which she, unfortunately, won’t get until Ki-jun admits to himself that their haste decision to tie the knot is a just spur-of-the-moment thing.

Speaking of marriage, it’s the major topic of the week’s episodes. While Yu-jin and Ki-jun’s marriage is crumbling, Si-woo and Ha-kyung are in the process of entertaining the idea of getting married in the future. For Ha-kyung, marriage is a natural thing – a goal that every couple should have as a culmination of their romantic relationship. It’s taking one step higher and closer to being a family. Ha-kyung was raised by a mom who values marriage sacredly, which is why she’s been haunted by blind date invitations left and right. On the other hand, Si-woo’s idea of marriage is a bit more complex. It’s the blurred ending of two people in love. He doesn’t believe in marriage because his experience with his parents isn’t really a good one. For Si-woo, marriage doesn’t equate to a blissful future, which created tension between him and Ha-kyung.

Another marriage on the rocks is Dong-han and Hyang-rae’s. His wife saw Um and Ha-kyung together in her apartment complex, to her complete shock. Dong-han has not been home for months despite working in Seoul, and though I can’t blame him, his little runaway move has been going for so long. And now this little white lie is causing cracks that can’t be repaired if they would not work on it immediately. Hyang-rae also holds it in, with no plans of opening up to her husband. I’m slowly getting convinced that Bo-mi is right, her parents get divorced and move on. Their marriage is over even before they realize it.

G Alley

☁️️ Just happy Si-woo found someone who appreciates his love for nature!

☁️️ It’s Women’s Month and Myung-joo embodies all women who had to choose between their career and motherhood. It’s sad watching her struggle at her job, but it’s the uncomfortable reality that we all have to face.

☁️️ Here for Seok-ho and Tae-kyung’s ship 🐊

☁️️ Everyone is happy about their weekend off but they’re still working!

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