K-Drama Reaction: Forecasting Love and Weather | Episodes 11-12

This drama is becoming more centered on marriage life as it progresses. Aside from the main setting revolving around weather systems and their impact on life, the relationships tackle the different facets of married life – the good, the bad, and the taboo.

“A married couple isn’t a union of two complete people. Two people have to come together and become one. That process is called married life. That’s now a married couple becomes complete.”

As usual, Dong-han is struggling with his family. Hyang-rae wants a divorce, and she’s not willing to listen to her husband. It’s been a long time coming and seeing Dong-han with Ha-kyung just sealed the deal. All the years’ worth of frustrations culminated in a single paper that will end their marriage. Of course, Bo-mi will be at the receiving end of this sad development. She’s finally making an effort to get to know her dad, and sadly, this is not enough to save the family. Her allergic reaction to processed meat was an obvious choice from her end – she’s willing to do everything to create good memories with her dad. I hope Hyang-rae opens her heart soon, and Dong-han, for once, should fight for his family instead of running away.

I like what Dong-han said, though. “There are no formulas to being a husband and dad.” His life is filled with calculations, science-based predictions, but raising a family is a different field. It’s not taught in schools, and definitely cannot be defined by books. For now, Dong-han needs to prove to his wife that he now prioritizes them more than everything.

All-female crew

We finally got an all-female staff bonding this time! Myung-jo, Ha-kyung, and Soo-jin are three-generation employees who are struggling just the same. Soo-jin is still new to the industry, with high potential yet so much to learn. She’s a bit whiny but I see her diligence to do better in her job. Ha-kyung, on the other hand, is a new breed of a people leader. She has enough experience under her belt, but she’s a work in progress when it comes to handling her team. But Myung-jo is a different story – and I’m getting tired of seeing her suffer, tbh. It’s so annoying to see her husband have it easy! Her husband had the audacity to take a break for a year, and re-take the exams because of ego. Now that Myung-jo is the sole breadwinner of the family, all he can do is help her with managing the household and taking care of the kids, but no – his good-for-nothing ass sleeps all morning while his wife struggles to juggle parenting and work.

Loving in moderation

The fallout of the two couples didn’t surprise me anymore. Ki-jun and Ha-kyung are both alphas trying to walk on eggshells in their new relationships. They both want to make it work – but it’s just not happening. What I noticed though is that both Ki-jun and Ha-kyung are more comfortable with each other now than they were dating. They communicate openly and they are finally discussing their old bad habits. Ha-kyung’s past trauma is still at play, which caused her to just “love in moderation” and not give her all when it comes to Si-woo. Si-woo and Yu-jin, on the other hand, are individuals who give everything for their love. They are both risk-takers, which explains their frustrations when their needs and expectations are not met by their respective partners. Now that both couples are on a break, I hope we can see them use this opportunity to reflect on themselves – how much love they can give to their partners, and how much of themselves they can protect. Everyone should stop comparing their past to their present lovers and pit themselves against each other. Time to heal from the emotional damage and follow their hearts’ desire.

G Alley

⛈️ I love Seok-ho and Tae-kyung! Seok-ho seems to be the typical nerd who is hesitant to talk about science stuff out of fear of judgment, but Tae-kyung never lets him feel insecure! She even listens intently and writes down interesting trivia about penguins. How cute!

⛈️ At this point, Ha-kyung’s family has met every guy in her team. LOL. Her mom is a piece of work. I wonder what’s her reaction when she confirms that Si-woo and Ha-kyung are an item.

⛈️ Si-woo’s dad is a leech.

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