Han Seok-kyu, Kim Seo-hyung lead series adaptation of a novel based on a true story

Han Seok-kyu (Dr. Romantic 2) and Kim Seo-hyung (Mine) are cast in the series adaptation of the non-fiction novel It May Be A Little Spicy Today (literal title).

The series is based on the 2018 novel of the same name which tells the true story of Kang Chang-rae and his wife Da Jung, who suffers from terminal bowel cancer. His wife has difficulties eating because of her illness and Chang-rae decides to cook for her every day. The veteran actors will play the role of the couple and will depict their daily life as they prepare for the end of Da Jung’s life.

The Watcha original drama will be directed and written by movie director Lee Ho-jae (Sori: Voice From The Heart). It is scheduled to stream online this year.

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