Kim Se-jeong and Nam Yoon-su lead Korean remake of Sleepeeer Hit!

Kim Se-jeong (A Business Proposal) and Nam Yoon-su (The King’s Affection) will take the lead roles in the upcoming SBS series Today’s Webtoon (literal title).

Kim Se-jeong will take on the role of On Ma-eun, a former judo athlete who joins the webtoon editorial department. While she struggles as a new employee aiming to become a true webtoon editor, Ma-eun will encounter Nam Yoon-su’s character Goo Joon-young. He will grow affectionate towards Ma-eun, who sincerely puts her heart and soul into everything she does while also looking back on himself.

The series will be the Korean remake of the 2016 hit Japanese Drama Sleepeer Hit!. It is slated to air in the second half of 2022.

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