K-Drama Reaction: Forecasting Love and Weather | Episodes 13-14

Fieldworks are crucial in weather forecasting. Scientists can’t just rely on computers and machines; they need to expose themselves in the field to get their predictions right. We witnessed how the KMA worked during the strongest typhoons, and how the Typhoon Center usually looked down on the employees from the Headquarters just because they are not as exposed to the field as them. The disconnect between the two offices was highlighted in these episodes, and Ha-kyung was able to handle this tricky situation well. I like how she emphasized that they all need to stop weighing the gravity of work between them because they are both doing the same hard labor for KMA.

The office lovers’ not-so-secret rendezvous is also the talk of the town at KMA! It’s funny how everyone from the team knew except Forecaster Um. He is so oblivious to the rumors that he even announced his impending divorce in front of his teammates due to a misunderstanding. But then again, it’s Dong-han who stood by Si-woo and Ha-kyung during awkward circumstances and when they get judgmental stares from others. It’s harder now because the relationship was revealed when they have broken up already.

Ha-kyung’s leadership is also tested yet again. Seok-ho caused a minor hiccup at work – he accidentally uploaded a penguin gif drawn by Tae-kyung on the agency’s monitoring screen! LOL. And then, she learned that Dong-han is getting a divorce. Now, Myung-jo also opens up about her struggle at home as the sole breadwinner and caretaker of her kids. Through these subplots, the show was able to highlight the importance of preparing every single scenario possible. Scenario 1, 2, 3 – I like the concept of thinking ahead. It shows how the characters need to have foresight, which is a significant part of job and can also be incorporated in their personal lives. In predicting what happens next, it will also involve a lot of firm decision-making, which has been the main virtue that the show preaches since the beginning.

I’m so tired of Ki-jun and Yu-jin’s drama. I’m not sure where to stand on the revelation about Yu-jin’s pregnancy. I don’t 100% agree with using a baby as a plot device to fix the couple’s problems. I just hope they went on with a different route. Both couples also tend to vent out their frustrations and problems to their exes.

Another plot development that I have second thoughts about is Si-woo’s father’s illness. Whyyyyy? As Si-woo puts it, some relationships cannot be amended no matter how hard we try. Can’t the writers just make him disappear just like how he abandoned Si-woo all these years?

G Alley

🌀 Seok-ho and Tae-kyung are now officially in a relationship! They bring the sunshine to this gloomy drama!

🌀 Forecasting Love and Weather has a good OST line-up! A perfect combination of sweet and mellow songs.

🌀 I’m so overjoyed by this confrontation. LOL

🌀 The audacity of Myung-jo’s husband to play baseball with his friends to relieve stress! He’s so useless and thick-faced I can’t even. I’m all for happy endings but honestly, I just hope Myung-jo frees herself from her freeloader husband.

🌀 To lighten up the mood, here’s a fun video of the cast playing Jenga!

Video credits: TheSwoon/Youtube

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