The Best of “Business Proposal”

Once in a while, K-drama genies bless us with masterpieces that have the strong potential to become either gateway classics or just comfort series. It’s usually the romantic comedies because of the light, fluffy stories that don’t require too much emotional investment and can be consumed whenever you’re free. And this 2022, a gem has arrived on our screens – an instant cult favorite from all hardcore and casual fans alike. Now that the drama is over, let’s look back on what makes Business Proposal one of the best rom coms of today. Shall we?

Romantic comedy at its best

And when I say “best” – I’m talking about the perfect casting for a highly demanding cliché love story. The challenge when doing cliché tropes is that it’s been tried and tested by everyone, and the execution is what makes the difference. It’s a classic for one reason – because it works. Hyper commoner girl meets the tsundere chaebol with childhood trauma, contract relationship, forced proximity (same workplace), unrequited first love-turned-trashy love triangle, and many more! Even the second couple got their fair share of classic tropes – swoony meet-cute, rich dad objections, hyper gf-calm bf… name it – they have it all. But it’s such a well-made drama that they embodied all the rom-com tropes that exist.

Fair screen time for the second couple

Young-seo and Sung-hoon had an acceptable amount of exposure as well. They were not used as some plot fillers to lengthen the watch hours. I know the drama is just 12 episodes, and they even had to cut down some scenes, but I’m pretty much satisfied with the screen time for Young-seo and Sung-hoon. We got a good glimpse of how their relationship blossomed into a more serious level. One of the best parts of the ending was Young-seo finally cutting her wings. She has been independent since the beginning. Seeing her freeing herself from her greedy father is cathartic. How I wish we all get a supportive boyfie with a 1.7 billion won bank account for disposal!

Female friendship goals

As much as I want to hype up the bromance in the series, I feel like Ha-ri and Young-seo deserve more recognition! When can we ever find a bestie who’ll go to our place just to kill a flying roach (or is it a bug??!). Ha-ri and Young-seo are BFF goals through and through! They always got each other’s back even though they come from opposite backgrounds. Of course, Young-seo is not the ordinary chaebol daughter, so it helps find a balance in their friendship. She’s treated as a daughter by Ha-ri’s parents, too. Young-seo compensates by being Ha-ri’s fairy godmother!

Tae-moo and Sung-hoon’s efforts toward their girlfriends

When God sprinkled the five love languages into the human world, Tae-moo and Sung-hoon just claimed them all. Both have very different personalities when it comes to love, but one thing is for sure – acts of service, giving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch – they know how to shower their girlfriends with all five love languages.

Great rewatch value

The drama is everyone’s happy pill! It’s so good that it even received a backlash (the good kind) because of its “rushed” ending. Some people enjoyed it so much they didn’t realize it’s only 12 episodes. Manhwa fans thought it fell short because of the missing scenes (some say there were lots of spicy ones). But overall, I think even though we may not get a second season, the drama is still a highly recommended easy watch for everyone. Of course, we all want more – and I hope we do get one more season with the same cast!

G Alley

🍗 The drama really did all the clichés – even stepping on makjang territory! Lol

🍗 VICTON’s Byungchan is on his way to acting stardom – he’s so cute!

🍗 The hugs and kisses of both couples are so natural; it’s hard not to ship!

🍗 Ha-ri is surrounded by the best people.

🍗 Damn, this ending scene kiss is so visually stunning!

🍗 Here’s Kim Se-jeong and Ahn Hyo-seop’s promised duet to celebrate the high ratings for Business Proposal! 🥰

Multimedia Credit: Tumblr/YouTube/SBS

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